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  1. Brookies and some bows

    Hey Peter I spoke with you on Rokslide a while back. Did you end up making it out there in time to elk/deer hunt?
  2. Are folks hunting MA in Zone 10 (Shotgun & Muzzleloader)?

    I don’t understand why everyone is sour grapes, it was definitely off in my area of zone 10 November 15-December 15 but like a light switch it went back to normal seeing 4-8 deer a sit the last couple weeks of the season. I went the last evening trying to get a friend on one he missed and we...
  3. Is my general hunting spot ruined?

    No one is going to say they take a dump on the stand and waffle stomp it through the grates? I almost always see that in threads when talking about dropping a deuce while hunting
  4. On the cusp of losing my first deer.

    What an excellent write up. I always go back and forth with mechanicals and fixed heads I shot a couple bucks 2 days apart both a bit back liver and clipped one lung, the mechanical buck went 100 yards I watched him tip the slick trick buck lived for 24 hours and found him 3/4 miles away. Last...
  5. deer hunting zone 10

    I’ve never hunted deer outside of zone 10 and do well every year. There’s a ton of non posted public land all over and most guys don’t go more than a couple hundred yards from the truck. I would absolutely not let gun season deter you in fact use it to your advantage. Good luck PM me if you...
  6. BEST GUNSMITH IN SE MA: Mountings scope and boresighting

    I met a guy at the range last week that had a new 6.5 creed and vx6 leupold, he told me couldn’t get it on paper after Kittery mounted the scope so he brought it up again they bore sighted it again and said he should be good at 100, a few shots at 100 he wasn’t on paper. We brought it in to 25...
  7. Go-To Gunshop North of Boston

    Patriot Arms
  8. What are you buying for hunting gear this year?

    Just got some new strings for a bow I need to set up and a stabilizer. I can’t justify anything else, well besides a 15hp outboard for a duck boat that was given to me, I don’t even duck hunt anymore but I’ve almost sunk a couple canoes with 2 deer 2 dudes and gear so the boat will replace the...
  9. Rangefinding Binoculars ?

    Rifle hunting I think it’s an advantage especially if it has a Ballistic calculator, I would only look at Leica Zeiss and Swaro if I was going to get some. One thing to remember most high end range finder binos have a hard time picking up inside of 50 yards so definitely not the best for...
  10. New .45 Cal MRX Muzzleloader - need help

    in the Acura’s I’ve shot the Hornady SST 250&300 are the most accurate but I’ve had bad results with actually killing animals. I have shot 4 deer with them double lungs and they pencil in and out. If I didn’t watch them run across the marsh and flop I wouldn’t have found them there wasn’t a...
  11. Annealing Service?

    I’ve used Brass Prep and can vouch for him, good service and great guy
  12. New season of meateater released on netflix

    People hate on him for selling out, he was bought out by an anti gun democrat. I don’t care how good his content is F meat eater and BHA. View...
  13. Ruger Precision Rifle V/S Tikka T3X TACT A1

    Haha I hear that man and in most cases your definitely right, the bull I shot this year soaked up six before folding up I couldn’t believe it
  14. Ruger Precision Rifle V/S Tikka T3X TACT A1

    Did you remove the bumps in the stock that contact the barrel and Dremel out the stock to make it fully free floating? I’ve done it on a few and have had very good luck. The most experienced guy I know says you can shoot them till they glow before seeing poi shift and if they walk it’s a...
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