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  1. Anyone interested in freeze dried food?

    Thrive is excellent and also Auguson Farm.
  2. What will you do in 2015 to prep? (was 2014)

    I got a dehydrator and a grain mill for Christmas to add to my preps, plus we ordered wheat so we can start experimenting. My list is starting to get smaller. Lol
  3. C Rats. I still hate the ham and those muthas.

    I would also prefer C's to an MRE any day, and our son has tried many a time to have me try MRE's. Not happening since we got the first generation MRE in Berlin. They might be better but you're not going to convince me. Lol
  4. What High School did you go to?

    Mercer Island High School, Mercer Island WA many moons ago.
  5. Canning, how to needed.

    Your welcome.
  6. Canning, how to needed.

    You can make baked beans, etc. Look in the ball blue book there are recipes. Be careful of some of the recipes on line because some are not safe. If you are on FB there are two canning groups I follow and the only use safe recipes/technique. 1 is SB Canning and the 2nd is Preserving the Harvest...
  7. What is blocking Big Bertha in Seattle?

    Well at one time Seattle was an underground who knows.
  8. Another Fallen Marine from MA

    RIP Marine. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.
  9. SH*T your wife or significant other does...

    Lol, It is called a wood stove or pellet stove in our house. Lol We also compromise. Lol
  10. SH*T your wife or significant other does...

    This thread is sad and I hope your spouses do not read this. We have been married 30 years, and while we have had our ups and downs marriage is work and give and take. No one is perfect. We married when we were in our 20's and in the Army and neither of us making a whole lot of money. My husband...
  11. I was just kicked out of a store for a S&W hoodie

    You guys forget he lives in the happy valley. Nothing in this area surprises me anymore.
  12. Dog for adoption.

    I was a foster that would get some of these dogs.....I think I have had every behavior problem,and yes many needed alot of work, which my husband and I gladly put in. I have also heard all the reasons why they can't keep a dog. When the time comes for us to move all of my dogs and cats will be...
  13. Dog for adoption.

    Some do. The breed specific rescue I work with does. Still wouldn't hurt to contact them.
  14. Dog for adoption.

    I agree. We have also fostered for a breed specific rescue and I also do home visits for them. They usually would rather take the dog in than see it got to a shelter.
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