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  1. Anyone interested in freeze dried food?

    Thrive is excellent and also Auguson Farm.
  2. What will you do in 2015 to prep? (was 2014)

    I got a dehydrator and a grain mill for Christmas to add to my preps, plus we ordered wheat so we can start experimenting. My list is starting to get smaller. Lol
  3. C Rats. I still hate the ham and those muthas.

    I would also prefer C's to an MRE any day, and our son has tried many a time to have me try MRE's. Not happening since we got the first generation MRE in Berlin. They might be better but you're not going to convince me. Lol
  4. Canning, how to needed.

    Your welcome.
  5. Canning, how to needed.

    You can make baked beans, etc. Look in the ball blue book there are recipes. Be careful of some of the recipes on line because some are not safe. If you are on FB there are two canning groups I follow and the only use safe recipes/technique. 1 is SB Canning and the 2nd is Preserving the Harvest...
  6. I was just kicked out of a store for a S&W hoodie

    You guys forget he lives in the happy valley. Nothing in this area surprises me anymore.
  7. Vacuum Sealer

    That is why we went with the commercial one from Cabelas.
  8. Vacuum Sealer

    I have used the cheaper vacusealer and if you are buying food in quantity it would not keep up, we bought a professional one from Cabela's. We got it on sale for 300, but originally 500. It was well worth the money spent.
  9. hi all

    Welcome. We have been canning and freezing vegies from the garden. We have been into prepping for quite awhile. There is alot of good info around. Feel free to ask questions if you can't find your answers.
  10. hunting dog food

    We feed all 4 of our dogs Taste of the Wild. I have a couple with grain allergies. One is extremely allergic to grains.
  11. Service Type

    Thank you all for your Service.
  12. Looking for a NON SMOKING gun club to join - suggestions?

    I am shutting it down.There is enough good information in her.
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