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  1. Shooter's Outpost on Bumpfire stocks

    From their Facebook page today: Cowards.
  2. Looking for a 2a and 4a attorney

    I worked with Deb Shepherd from Clark Law Offices in Manchester on a family law issue. They handle divorces. They are awesome to work with.
  3. FBI raid yields cache of guns in Weare

    They're probably trying to find out who sold him the guns.
  4. FBI raid yields cache of guns in Weare

    LINK. Two .22s, a 9mm and some ammo? That's one hell of a "cache!"
  5. Considering move out of New England.

    Are they around the Sunset Beach area? I went to a couple of conferences there and that general area is pretty nice. My brother is going to retire there.
  6. Considering move out of New England.

    Just the constant heat and humidity. Raleigh is much more temperate.
  7. Considering move out of New England.

    I moved to FL a couple years ago and didn't like it. The area I was in (SWFL) just didn't have a good enough economy and the weather was brutal. After 13 months there I packed up and moved again, this time to Raleigh. I absolutely love it here. Plenty of great jobs, low cost of living and the...
  8. Olympic Arms Going Out of Business

    That's just nonsense. Taurus only makes handguns.
  9. Olympic Arms Going Out of Business

    Lots of posts in here about their products sucking, but I have an Olympic Ultra Match and it's hands-down the most accurate AR-15 I own. It's an absolute tack driver.
  10. Vets to Be Able to Shop at Exchanges Online

    But still not as cheap as cigs sold at the ship's store in international waters. My first ship's CO was a smoker and if were just out for a day or two he would order the ship to international waters so we could buy cheap smokes.
  11. Lunenburg man facing charges for shooting at 3 people...

    LOL. If I remember correctly, there was a guy on here who carried a cap and ball pistol because he was a prohibited person. Can't recall his screen name though.
  12. How do you guys handle your carry gun while at home?

    I live alone in North Cackalacky so I don't have to deal with other people or ghey storage laws. Carry piece is on the coffee table until bedtime when it goes on the nightstand, 3914 in kitchen drawer, .357 in my desk drawer upstairs plus one AR kept loaded in my bedroom closet.
  13. 2016 Hunting Thread

    Just got back home this morning from my trip out to Beaufort County. I was a weird week. Cold in mornings and night early in the week but mid-week was unseasonably warm, up in the high 70s. It got cooler the last day or so though. I saw seven deer total and killed two small does. One at 200...
  14. How Many Shots Does a FUDD Take to Bag a Deer?

    I hunted NC all week. On Monday one of the guys in my hunting camp was in a blind on the other side of the woods from me. He shot seven goddamned times and killed a doe. The next day he shot another four times and killed a spike. Ridiculous.
  15. 2016 Hunting Thread

    A trick I used when hunting in a box or ground blind was to bring a sleeping bag into the stand with me (make sure the outer material is soft, not the noisy nylon crap). I would open it halfway, put two hand warmers in the bottom and then take off my boots and get into the thing while sitting in...
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