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  1. WTS Colt 1911 Commercial Model made in 1917

    Bump with price drop
  2. WTS Colt 1911 Commercial Model made in 1917

    Location : Taunton, MA Description : Up for sale is a Colt Model 1911 Commercial serial number C88171 made in 1917 . I don’t know much about it, I’m not a early 1911 guru but from the little bit of research I did it looks all original other than the barrel, its a High Standard. I suspect the...
  3. Colt preban AR question

    All green labels are pre ban. The blue label boxed guns can be post ban.
  4. Colt preban AR question

    The Green Label R6600K was a R6600 H-Bar model with 20" barrel. The R6600K came with the .22 cal conversion kit but it did not have a bayonet lug like the R6600. Why the R6600 had the lug and the R6600K did not is a question for Colt. The green label guns were made long before the 1994 ban so...
  5. Burris AR-332 and Fastfire III

    I have the Burris AR-536 and the Fastfire III. I love the Ar-536 and the Fastfire III is desent. I have zero complaints with the 536 the Fastfire, eh, it's decent for the money but a pita to turn on and off. Especially, if you have the cover on it. After I bought Burris's 1" riser for it I had...
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