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  1. Anyone have advice on a CMP order question?

    Count on it!
  2. Anyone have advice on a CMP order question?

    Sent my first-ever order for RM1Special grade. CMP Anniston received order packet, Friday Jan 24th. My CC got hit yesterday and they shipped it as well (Yesterday) Received it today @ 10:25 hours Fedex FTF. This rifle is the most BEAUTIFUL firearm I have bought. Springfield Ser# 1,665,xxx makes...
  3. the M1 was almost a 6.5 creedmoor

    More really 270-08. Cuz 7mm is .284 and .270 Win is actually .277 (6.8mm) Then again, we're all only as smart as we thinks we iz.......
  4. Pregnant woman killed in Walnut Hills shooting: What would you do?

    I can't believe this thing is already three pages long.......LOL!
  5. A Word on The NRA

    Yes! Lord love an optimist! I'm going to give to EVERYBODY including GOA, GOAL, etc. Seriously is JFPOF still around? BTW.........Why haven't some of you gone to CMP and bought am M1 Garand yet to help fund and organize youth shooting sports?
  6. Moms Demand Action meeting tonight Lexington

    No, it just make you "unsuitable" after your licensing authority gets a call from the Lexington PD.[pot]
  7. No way VA

    That's OK you non-conformist, old-school, patriot. They'll still let you in with your passport. BTW, you can also just pay the CVN by mail, it's just a civil fine, so you can skip going to the Federal Bldg. See! It's all about choices! LIVE FREE!
  8. No way VA

    Stop that................ MAYBE the VA Police will issue you a CVN for U.S. District Court, but that's only if you're really an agent provocateur and begging for it.
  9. Army or Marines

    Marines........... I spent a decade in riding three (3) submarines and Navy Nuclear Propulsion (DOE) tour. My father was purple heart Army, my brother was a combat marine. I spent five years working with vets at VA Brockton/West Rox/JP. I worked as a DoD civilian from 2006-18' with Army folks...
  10. Iowa Caucus Predictions

    Well spoken Marine. I am more than a little tired of this middle school "real veteran" BS. Move on ladies............
  11. Iowa Caucus Predictions

    Buttigieg was part of a unit assigned to identify and disrupt terrorist finance networks. Part of this was done at Bagram Air Base, but he also worked as an armed driver for his commander on more than 100 trips into Kabul. Buttigieg has jokingly referred to this role as "military Uber", because...
  12. Callaghan's Closing

    He's a great guy. I saw him at Standish too, almost didn't recognize him in that ballcap.
  13. No way VA

    Because the title was a bit vague and ambiguous. Peace there sailor.
  14. No way VA

    Quite frankly I could give a damn. I'm much more concerned with these folks losing their second amendment right.
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