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  1. Cabela's

    Bah every time I check it's passed the sale.. lol
  2. MasterLock trigger locks...Best place to get a dozen or so? (keyed alike)

    Packs of 4
  3. Having Toy Guns in the Home

    Just do it… Cause you know what, EVERY boy will find something to pretend it's a gun with. They will use empty toilet roll's and paper towel rolls etc. It's in our DNA to make something into a weapon. So you might as well give them something they will enjoy and something you know they will...
  4. Turkey hunting drama with police over shotgun.. advice

    They really need to educate the cops around this joint… [popcorn]
  5. The day started great with alot of shooting then the hit by a car

    So sorry to hear. I HIGHLY recommend this collar !! It made such a difference to our 2 dogs.
  6. Best GLOVES for Handguns - Protection against Failures

    Check these out .. I have a pair and they fit like a … glove. Truly probably the best fitting gloves I have ever had.
  7. Softer spring M&P 9mm.

    that's what I'm looking for… Hmm.. Google Fu has led me to a couple of places where they sell the spring. All of them say I can take apart the factory one ( with a bit of trouble). I will keep digging see if I can find a spring with a capture rod all in one. Thanks for the info ! and the...
  8. Softer spring M&P 9mm.

    Has anybody replaced/modded the recoil spring( I think thats what I want ) on a M&P 9mm. I'm looking to make the slide pull a bit easier for my wife. I know it will break in after a few 1000 rounds :-) but I would like to make sure she's not put off on how hard it is at first. Of course I don't...
  9. New Acquisitions January 2016

    Wife's Birthday present.. Wife's birthday present. Ink done by Air Ink Airbrushing & Custom Coatings in Templeton
  10. OC in CT. Guy is asked to leave Subway...

    He had me until he called them dickheads. That showed his true purpose. I'm all for standing up and exercising your rights. But..
  11. Emergency Drinking Water for Car

    Make sure you buy the good shit. You don't want to be stuck drinking walmart brand.
  12. Emergency Drinking Water for Car

    These new cheap flimsy bottles don't explode like the old ones. I keep 4-5 in my jeep year round. ( mostly cause I forget to grab water for the kids sports activities )
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