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  1. UK: guy points gun at police, stays alive. Would he still be alive in the US?

    Is 1998 the year when brits outlawed most guns? That'd explain the sudden growth in violent crime. However, UK violent crime's been coming down since 2006. See, the gun ban finally begins to work! Or is there another reason for the downward trend?
  2. UK: guy points gun at police, stays alive. Would he still be alive in the US?

    Posted here yet? United Kingdom. A 16 yo points a real gun straight at police, stays alive, will face the judge next month. What do you...
  3. MA non-resident LTC with OUI CWOF+ASF?

    Thank you gents!
  4. MA non-resident LTC with OUI CWOF+ASF?

    A friend, a NH resident, and long time NH LTC holder, mulls over applying for MA non-resident LTC. His concern is, 15 years ago when he still lived in MA, he was arrested on OUI charges. He wasn't convicted though. The case was continued without finding and later dismissed. There's admission to...
  5. Kids and Guns

    icepik, thank you for the advice! I'll keep trying!
  6. Kids and Guns

    I'm so jealous, icepik! I offered my 13-yo daughter to take her to the range with me a hundred times. Nah. She has ZERO interest in firearms. "It's a guys' thing, and I'm a girl", she keeps saying, "I'd rather do ballet". Showing her pictures of cool chicks with guns didn't work. Neither did...
  7. Burglary Victim Charged With Reckless Conduct For Firing Gun

    My understanding is that firearm use is legit as long as it's used to stop a threat of severe injury, rape or death. When a perp is already fleeing, using a firearm is an act of vigilantism or revenge, and in most cases is punishable by the law. Also, I bet the robber can now sue Dennis Fleming...
  8. Gun owners- the truth

    This is sooo about me! [rofl]
  9. Opinions on ther NRA

    Well, NRA may compromise too much, and play political games, and f... things up here and there. But at the end of the day, doesn't NRA deliver more good to the 2A & RKBA cause than harm? In other words, if NRA closes its doors tomorrow, will American gunowners be better off?
  10. Antis to stage Starbucks Boycott on Valentine's Day

    I'm normally a DD junkie, but today, I'll stop at all Starbucks cafes on my way to and back from work.
  11. Favorite movie with lots of guns?

    "Wanted" with Jolie. Bullets flying in circles - they've been on the top of my wish list ever since. Are they legal in MA?
  12. Ed Brown Is Rude Shot Show 2012

    It was too boring to watch the guy bitch and moan for 10 minutes about EB's rudeness, so I fast forwarded and didn't hear all his whining. What I saw in the last minute was an old guy clearly irritated by the pesky cameraman trying to shove the camera into his face. The video cleverly does not...
  13. Give up your password... or go to jail.

    One more vote for TrueCrypt hidden volumes. Works like a charm. Besides keeping nosy government out of your porn collection, it also prevents identity thieves from ruining your life if your laptop is stolen. Too bad TrueCrypt doesn't work with SSDs yet, but I'm sure they'll figure something out.
  14. teaching my Crazy wife how to use a gun?

    Isn't she like most people? That's exactly why guns should be trusted only to trained professionals: police & military. And me, of course. I never overreact. Nerves of steel, calmness of Buddha...
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