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  1. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hello. Been a member here for sometime but I think my paid membership has expired. Looking to use the classified section to clear out my locker. Can you direct me to a link or info on how to renew? Thank you, Mike
  2. four seasons transfers

    Four Seasons gets my business all the time. He does his best to keep his prices affordable. I drive 40 minutes to get there and yes, I have had to wait my turn but for me, I feel since Carl and his employees are good to customers, I can repay him by having an ounce of patience. They are very...

    Will read up on it. Thanks for the response.

    I understand LEO's can still buy AR platform rifles, however if a Massachusetts Officer legally purchased an incomplete lower from a gun store and all the parts to complete it but as of this date, has yet to start the build, is it to late to build it? Is the original paperwork when at the gun...
  5. Found Gun in Attic Question.

    Thanks everyone. I just don't want to miss an opportunity if one comes up.
  6. Found Gun in Attic Question.

    ​This really is a Hypothetical Question but I have heard it before and I have no clue how one would handle it legally. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Say a widow or widower found a firearm in the house years after their spouse past ( In Massachusetts) . Unsure if spouse had a valid...
  7. Two Lowers in Mass--- What to do with them?

    Ok, I know this has likely been covered but in an attempt to keep from searching and searching, I am just going to post. I live in Mass. Prior to AG BS, I built two Anderson Arms Lowers. I am told these are likely having gold right now however, I don't really like the platform. Thought I was...
  8. Where the hell is all the 223?

    Walmart had Federal 100 Bulk Packs 1st thing this am @ $39. 97.
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