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  1. PARA LDA 16 for production

    Is anyone using a PARA LDA 16 .40 for USPSA Production?
  2. Bass River Dec 2 Match

    The Dec 2 match at Bass River will be a regular pistol match. Probably 6 stages with relative high round count and open targets, with a few tight, long shots thrown in for fun!
  3. Bass River 11/5 match to be 2-gun

    This will be a four stage 2-gun match pistol/rifle. Pistol only shooters will be allowed as well but no rifle only. PCC is fine for rifle if you wish but not as pistol. Bianchi targets will be used with only the center bull scoring for rifle but entire target scores for pistol only people...
  4. NO Bass River Match Sep 3 2017

    Sep 3rd match at Bass River is canceled.
  5. Bass River 6/4 Match

    4 or 5 classifiers and 1 or 2 stages (5-6 total) Registration 9 am Shooters meeting 9:45am First shots 10am
  6. Bass River 5/6 Match canceled

    Weather and Range conditions dictate that we cancel match. Sunday May 7
  7. Bass River USPSA 4/2

    Call me (Tim) 508-237-2137 and I will get the message to Paige. Leave me your Name and USPSA number
  8. Bass River USPSA 4/2

    Great Match today at Bass River!! Those guys really know how to put it together!

    NO matches at Bass River until at least March We will keep people posted. However we will be active, excited and exuberant again!!
  10. USPSA @ Bass River in 2017

    NO matches until at least March We will keep people posted
  11. USPSA Back at Bass River Nov 6

    Regular USPSA pistol match Nov 6 4-6 stages of pure USPSA!
  12. Bass River 5/1/16 scores
  13. Any interest in 100 - 300 yard benchrest?

    So... Lets start thinking of a postal type match for 100 yards first. Starting today 1/5 ending 1/30 no limit on number of groups shot or posted Best 5 shot group and best 10 shot group to be awarded "All the Marbles" and bragging rights I like the idea of pics of 5 shot groups and 10 shot...
  14. Any interest in 100 - 300 yard benchrest?

    Nice groups....
  15. Any interest in 100 - 300 yard benchrest?

    A guy PM'ed me the following question: "I saw your post about benchrest shooting. Are you talking about legitimate benchrest type guns and matches or casual any guns shooting from a bench?" My answer: Both. I have Savage .308 target rifle., Buddy of mine has the Ruger Precision...
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