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  1. Veterans Day 2020

    Happy Veterans Day to all of you who served and are serving honorably. Thanks to you, we all can enjoy the freedoms we have. I appreciate each and everyone of you. I hope all y’all had a great day.
  2. Happy Birthday Sauer Grapes!!! a.k.a. "Sweet Grapes"...

    Happppppppppppy belated birthday! [party2][party2][party2] We look beautiful for our age [cheers]
  3. Natick Get-Together Thursday August 15 @ 6pm

    Don’t call me out, dude lol I think that one feedback score is from when I bought a box of .380 from a guy. It was shortly after I got my first, the Sig P238 and ammo was hard to find. It was 2013. I met him at night in a parking lot somewhere, got creeped out and never again. JK lol Guy was...
  4. Natick Get-Together Thursday August 15 @ 6pm

    Guys, I miss all y'all. Just kidding...

    I've never had one before. Do I need one? Is this like a 1911? Everyone should just have one?
  6. What sort of beast left this on my lawn (scat photo), and what does politics have to do with it?

    lol I can't say I've had much experience with snakes. I did wait in line to try to touch one a year or so ago but didn't get my turn. They're interesting little (big) guys. I see them on my run and hikes sometimes. I like to look at them and take photos if I can. There are rattlers out where I...
  7. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hi Blown, welcome to NES. All states (and countries!) are welcome here [cheers] Cheers, Cindy [mg]
  8. What sort of beast left this on my lawn (scat photo), and what does politics have to do with it?

    Came here to say it's prob a black bear. I don't hunt but I'm out in the woods a lot. Deer scat doesn't look like that... they're pellet looking things.
  9. Holster recommendations

    No, never heard of it but based on the Amazon reviews, it looks ok if that's what you're looking for. Some of the reviews say they got a used one, sold as new lol and someone posted a picture of the holster riding very low so I'd be wary, I guess. I'm all about the kydex for a secure fit. It's...
  10. Holster recommendations

    You wear underwear!?!?! ... when you run!?
  11. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hi Shevchenko, welcome to NES! Thanks for the intro post. We all love reading these, well, at least I do :) Congrats on finally getting that LTC! Get the P226 to a range yet? Can't go wrong with a Sig as your first beauty. Mine was a P238. Look forward to seeing your posts around the forum...
  12. Minors flying solo. Any experience?

    I flew to California for a summer to stay with my relatives. I flew back by myself. I was 14 yo. I did fine. You know your daughter better than all of us but... depending on your specific situation (of which I don't know anything about), this might be a teaching lesson of how to navigate by...
  13. Holster recommendations

    Going off what @cams said, check out the chest holster here: Mini Ninjer – 2A Holster It's great for running. And no, you don't have to be mini sized to wear it. It's not only for small people. It's meant as just a smaller footprint holster. The 'normal' chest holster and strap points were...
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