My name is Cindy. I'm from Quincy, MA. Now, living in VA but frequent MA at least 4x a year. If you see me, honk and/or say hi. You'll know it's me because of the license plate... I am cross-eye dominant (left eye, right hand). I am working through the NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualifications... currently, working on Distinguished Expert level. I like recoil.

Likes: video games, running, powerlifting, photography, food, Corvettes, Taekwondo, hiking, birds
July 31
Northern Virginia


"Every hero has a choice to face the darkness or be consumed by it."

"When you bite down on it, it squirts hot stuff in your mouth." -cams
"I have an 8" floppy." -namedpipes
"Last time minininjer gave me a ride I spent three weeks in the hospital." -namedpipes
"I can't do my own employees." -namedpipes
"I'm pulling out now." -namedpipes
"I can die happy now. I've finally seen your hole." -namedpipes
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