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  1. Gabriel Gomez is a douche

    My ex husband knew him in Panama. Said he was just another ring knocker, unimpressive. I checked with him before the election.
  2. Got the ok to buy a new CCW.....now what?

    Ok, I was just commenting on things that you put out here in the public forum. If you'd care to take it pm, I'll be happy to answer all of your questions. If not, have a great day and a blessed holiday season.
  3. Got the ok to buy a new CCW.....now what?

    It may perhaps be a little drawn out, but it makes you sound less like a wimp. I understand about running large purchases by your wife, I guess we have a different opinion of large purchases. And I stand by my statement, I'm not my husband's mother, therefore he need not ask my permission to...
  4. Got the ok to buy a new CCW.....now what?

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you on that one. If funds were readily available, my husband can buy whatever he wants. I'm his wife, not his mother. He doesn't have to ask my permission to buy things, nor do I keep his liberty card on file. I've bought him many firearms since we started...
  5. BAD, BAD Gun Owner!!!!

    This is for the safety of the holder. If you can see the picture, you'd know who the person is with a disability and can target and victimize them if you happen to be that type of person. When asked by a leo, you're required to show the identifying data on the placard. (Plus they use your...
  6. BAD, BAD Gun Owner!!!!

    There are nice and not so nice people in every segment of society. There are nice and not so nice people in every social club, gun club, job, I could go on forever. Being nice is not a prerequisite for being a member of the NRA. JMHO, but I don't think that being a member of the NRA makes you...
  7. NH Man fires an AK in a MA Resturant

    HEY, my cousin used to own the Coo Coo's Nest. They were from my Italian side of the family, not the Sicilian side. (Unless you're talking about after they sold it about 10 years ago).
  8. Possession?

    In Mass, Juvie records (that aren't specially sealed) are available to Law Enforcement for just this reason. It would not be good if someone that committed murder at 14 tried to become a Police Officer at 30 and the Juvie record was not available. I realize that murder is different than...
  9. Who is considered a LEO?

  10. Ambulance personnel divided

    I'm an LEO, and I'll go it one better, when I or any other LEO get hurt in my city, when we get to the hospital they won't even look at us until we give our belt to the responding Sgt. This is the one instance that I can't carry concealed. Any other circumstances that I have to go to the...
  11. Firearms on Amtrak trains

    Perhaps the policy was written prior to the law.
  12. Toolbags in Gunshops

    Yeah, the Rate system is easy, but when you through an NEC (Navy Enlisted Classification) into the mix it gets very confusing. I was a BM1 with an NEC of 9545, Physical Security Specialist.
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