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  1. Joe Biden's pick to head the ATF David Chipman was confronted by Republican senators during his confirmation hearing Wednesday

  2. Joe Biden's pick to head the ATF David Chipman was confronted by Republican senators during his confirmation hearing Wednesday

    Yeah that one too :rolleyes: We know he won't be a friend of ours, whoever it is
  3. 2 teens in MA arrested after allegedly damaging 54 cars/businesses using air pellet gun

    https://fallriverreporter.com/2-teens-in-ma-arrested-after-allegedly-damaging-54-cars-businesses-using-air-pellet-gun/ Chief Edward Conley and Chief John Horvath report that two individuals were arrested early Tuesday morning for allegedly firing an air pellet gun and damaging property in...
  4. "Police proud of their bust" megathread

    Wow, 6 people arrested for that, so brave the bobbies are
  5. "Police proud of their bust" megathread

    Mandatory prison for felons with guns is working well(I agree with many others people shouldn't be getting arrested for drugs etc. but funny how the actual law never applies) he was arrested last year with a stolen car and a gun Stolen car arrest leads to seizure of illegal gun in Brockton 2...
  6. Fall River Police arrest three, seize gun, magazine, ammunition

    A 17 year old with a gun? Unpossible https://fallriverreporter.com/fall-river-police-arrest-three-seize-gun-magazine-ammunition/ Officials combined to arrest three Fall River residents at a residence this week. According to Captain Barden Castro, on September 3, at approximately 6:00 a.m...
  7. WWII 45 Pistol Training Film

    Awesome vid, I love old clips like this
  8. Texas homeowner fatally shoots suspected car burglar, investigators say

    Few days old https://www.boston25news.com/news/trending/texas-homeowner-fatally-shoots-suspected-car-burglar-investigators-say/HMK6DCEBQBAETNOPKNUF2SHB7A/ PORTER, Texas — A homeowner fatally shot a suspected car burglar Thursday who he found sitting in his car, investigators said. The...
  9. "Police proud of their bust" megathread

    View: https://www.facebook.com/FresnoPoliceDepartment/photos/a.10150117306630006/10165508879405006/
  10. Dealers Posting in the Rifle/Pistols for sale Classified Threads

    Pretty sure anything, literally anything, any other single item on the face of the earth, would make her more attractive
  11. Airmont NY Deputy Mayor Brian Downey arrested, accused of buying gun parts over Internet

    https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/ramapo/2021/09/02/airmont-deputy-mayor-brian-downey-arrested-weapons-charges/5701844001/ AIRMONT — Deputy Mayor Brian Downey was charged Thursday with 11 felony counts of illegal purchases of a rifle suppression device and other gun parts over the...
  12. "Police proud of their bust" megathread

    But you can't make it sound as bad to the ignorant if you say illegally owned firearm
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