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  1. Man arrested in North Carolina with van full of guns, explosives, planned to assassinate Joe Biden

    The bowl cut alone will get him an extra charge.
  2. Be like Kieran...

    Millionaires drive Hondas and Toyotas. Broke people drive Acuras and Lexuses.
  3. Betting on the election results

    My brain says Biden will edge Trump in a few battlegrounds and will edge him electorally. Narrow win and will come down to one state, maybe FL or NC or WI. Could be wrong. Was wrong in 2016.
  4. dark humor

    Like George Carlin once said, "Americans will eat anything... even sautéed raccoon a**h***s on a stick. "
  5. Betting on the election results

    Who's that?
  6. NOT GUILTY: Miami Mami shoots back at armed home invaders

    A voluptuous, damn near perfect train wreck. 😗
  7. NH vist

    There's a gun shop in Tamworth, about 20 minutes south of Conway. Which is like down the street for northern NH.
  8. NOT GUILTY: Miami Mami shoots back at armed home invaders

    Almost just posted this. 🤣
  9. Trump Supporters in New Hampshire Receive Letters Threatening to Burn Down Their Homes
  10. Need to detox from being is a dandy 12 step program

    The way this nonsense stops is actually kind simple: Stop paying them any attention. Just like a petulant toddler demanding candy for breakfast. Don't give in and when they dial it up, ignore them. Effective 99% of the time, 80% of the time.
  11. Growing spectre of a new American Civil War?

    I'm hoping it's all bluster, and I'm sure much of it is, but there are some wackadoos that are prepared and willing to go to the next level.
  12. Okay IT brains, here's one for you.

    Can you boot into Windows Safe Mode and see if problem persists?
  13. CNN'S Jeffrey Toobin Caught Spanking His Monkey on Zoom Meeting

    CNN needs to do a follow-up piece: Did he finish?
  14. Okay IT brains, here's one for you.

    I wonder if something fugged with the Windows registry. Definitely Anti-Malware scan needed.
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