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  1. Maga arms

  2. Maga arms

    Does MAGA pin weld and if so how’s it look? Looking to get it done in the next few weeks
  3. Ruger Customer service

    Only to Firearms I have sent in for service on warrantee were the Ruger SR 22 and a Ruger SR 9C both work flawlessly after and couldn’t say enough about the great customer service
  4. Pepper spray expiration

    Duh....Paper cuts sting
  5. Pepper spray expiration

    I keep cans in all the vehicles and bike. at 5 years I use to test on paper plate. Sprays perfectly fine but couldn’t say it’s effectiveness
  6. Andover Sportsmen's Club sponsorship

    I can show you around after 3 if needed. No sponsor needed
  7. Magpul Glock mags

    Working flawlessly in my Glocks
  8. Rossi 22lr, cheap or inexpensive?

    Under 100 yards just do it already View: https://youtu.be/BiZbB1SDAo0
  9. Hanks belts anyone use one?

    Same Has held up perfectly
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