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  1. Held a Sig P238 today

    I carry a p238 in a crossbead mini tuck and love it. It's small and easy to conceal. But feels solid and is accurate as hell. For me it's about having a CC that is comfortable enough to wear. I know people say it should be a comfort not comfortable, but for me it has to be both or forget it.
  2. Please recommend a tree service near Grafton, MA

    I have always used Dillon Tree service out of Shrewsbury. Very reasonable.
  3. Xbox 360 RROD Question

    I got the RROD and Microsoft sent me a refurb - I plugged the refurb in and that had the RROD so they sent me a 3rd one. Have had that for 2 years with no issues.
  4. I discovered today that cash is useless when the grid goes down

    The moral of the story has nothing to do with cash - the point is without backup power you can't buy anything at a crap hole department store. Cash is king. In an emergency, you could offer it to a homeless guy for his gloves [smile]
  5. Transporting Handguns in my SUV ??? Help

    I have been told that if you have an SUV or truck you keep it as far away from the driving compartment as possible and insided. So an SUV that would be the very back and a truck with no extended cab, that would be behind the seat.
  6. NH residents - Please help if you can.

    Lock him in the house. If he has a 6 year old capacity, it shouldn't be rocket science. At least put an alarm in the house so you know when the doors are open. Parents have many responsibilities. If failure to keep yours in the house and getting lost is an issue, you should have adopted a dog...
  7. Nashua, NH - Man pulls gun on of-duty cop over parking space

    The fact the guy waited for the cop to come out to his car and then tells him "you're not going anywhere" is enough to be driven the hell over. If you don't have a uniform on and stand in front of my car you have a death wish.
  8. Nashua, NH - Man pulls gun on of-duty cop over parking space

    Ok, Joshua Webb is a moron. He has an license to conceal carry and he pulled his firearm out because he thought he was the law. The cop parked there because it was pouring out... Big deal. This Joshua fella is really luck the cop wasn't carrying or he could be taking the dirt nap right about...
  9. Daughter in law wants to go shooting

    Took my wife out for the first time last weekend. She loved it. She shot a .22 S&W model 22A, an old ruger .22 revolver, a Sig P229 .40 and a S&W 357 magnum revolver. She did really good. She liked the .22 S&W model 22A the best[rolleyes]
  10. How hard is it to find a patriotic necktie?
  11. My chat with the cable company support tech

    There are not a ton of options for the box. If the HDMI cable is canceling out the audio jacks it is most likely by design. Comcast support isn't going to help you with your customized install, it's to get the basics working. Thats like calling a software company to help you write custom scripts...
  12. Help with a ticket

    If they see he gave you a break ($50.00 off) there is no way you are beating it. You will pay the extra 20 bucks to appeal it and they will find you responsible. No clerk is going to drop an 80MPH speeding ticket.
  13. My chat with the cable company support tech

    Page 3 shows this has optical out. If your receiver has optical in I think this would fix you.
  14. My chat with the cable company support tech

    OMG that is bad. It's because you have the HDMI cable going to the TV, then to the receiver. If the TV is off, then so is the sound. Does the cable box have an optical output you can connect to the receiver? That's how I did mine when I still used the dreaded cable box. I ran it from the...
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