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    Asshat thing to say This is an Ass-hat thing to say. We have to stand and defend the constitution. You're giving up? And you base your argument on a fictional fantasy world? Come on. We all need to be united against the leftists trying to make the constitution this fading piece of paper...
  2. Message from Comm2A to people applying/renewing post 1/1/15

    Sorry...That would be Weymouth
  3. Message from Comm2A to people applying/renewing post 1/1/15

    I recently sent a letter to the Wey PD asking for the restrictions to be lifted. I received my LTC just over a year ago with the usual Target and Hunting restrictions. A month later I received a letter from the PD informing me my new license, without restrictions was ready to be picked up...
  4. Ever heard of a P-64?

    I know the Polish Radom P64 is on the C & R list. If you have a C & R FFL03, you may be able to buy one online. Check into it before you buy though. I'd asked on a different thread if I could buy one out of state with my C & R and most said I could. Still looking into it. Just got my C & R...
  5. C&R eligible guns not bought on C&R - handling when sold

    Question on a similar subject. Can I purchase a C & R eligible pistol that is not on the Att. Gen. approved list? Looking at a Polish Radom P64 Pistol - 9x18 caliber.
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