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  1. WTT WTS | S&W M&P-15 with Scope

  2. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    Don’t forget the popcorn for this upcoming summer special season on America, where the democrats whip up their followers into burning down their own communities in the name of racial justice after Office Chauvin is aquited on all charges...
  3. On sale for those in unrestricted states....AR and AK magazines

    Why must your mock our common sense gun laws?! You’re literally killing kids by posting this right now. Deeply offended
  4. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    Consensus seems to be, collect your money and keep your head down. I tend to agree, but being a very opinionated person who kind of enjoys debates with people, it’s against my natural instinct. I find it very hard to abide people running around unimpeded just spouting garbage talking points...
  5. Signs and Symptoms of Non-Serious Buyers

    I had a guy that just absolutely needed to know what my scope was zeroed for, as if I can never be changed
  6. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    Good points and I agree. Similar sentiments here.
  7. WTT WTS | S&W M&P-15 with Scope

    Biden goes bump in the night
  8. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    My employer, local in Western MA and an industry leader is well into its push for divirsity and inclusion. They pay woke speakers to lecture us about race and privilege. They push articles, videos and info graphics explaining the horrors of micro aggressions. They push everyone to include their...
  9. WTS WTT | Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System

    Purchased for 180 willing to let it go for 150 or trade of some sort
  10. WTS WTT | Crimson Trace Lasergrips for M&P Full Size

    Used but in perfect condition, no issues. Very easy to use but looking to get out of the M&P platform and into glock so their no good to me. Sells new for close to 250. I’ll let it go for 175 or a trade of some sort. Willing to hear all offers
  11. WTT WTS | S&W M&P-15 with Scope

    Bumper cars
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