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  1. WTB 12 Gauge Rifled Slugs

    Hello looking to purchase 2 3/4 or 3” rifled slugs. Message me with what you got.
  2. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    As of right now with just the peet dryer (waiting on golden rod to come in) my safe sits at 73.3 degrees and 47.7% humidity.
  3. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Interesting so those zerust products leave a coating on the metal so to speak to prevent rust? Didn’t know they made products like that. So that in combination with a golden rod and maybe a silica product if need be you would be all set with metal/wood inside.
  4. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Def will look into the golden rod, I dont think the peet can handle such a big safe. Also just bought a temp stick to put inside that way I can monitor temp & humidity changes from my phone.
  5. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Recently just got a liberty safe extreme 60. Came with a peet air dryer but not to crazy about leaving something plugged in inside the safe after seeing reviews about them catching fire. Anyone have any experience using the Boveda 49% 2 way humidity packs for inside a safe? Read the...
  6. Barrel length change.

    Thank you very much
  7. Barrel length change.

    Hello, been searching for this answer for awhile. If you have a rifle that has a barrel length of 20” registered to you and you change that barrel to lets say a 16”. Would you have to re-register the firearm with the new barrel length?
  8. SKS questions and possible answers

    Hello, slightly confused and trying to find an answer, when you FA10 an sks how do you answer if it is a large capacity device. I know stock it would not be but then there is the “readily modifiable to accept” part that confuses me.
  9. Best EDC pocket pistol?

    My glock 43x is always holstered but the springfield 911 started calling my name being a 1911 style gun, only thing that turned me off was the .380 but now that they sell it in 9mm with only a .4 inch difference in overall length it seems attractive
  10. Best EDC pocket pistol?

    Looking to get opinions on different pocket pistols for another EDC. Current EDC is a glock 43x but in certain scenarios something smaller would be more preferred. Currently looking at the springfield 911 in 9mm.
  11. What gun is on your Christmas list?

    Cant decide on whether to purchase a nice preban AK-47, a Benelli M4 or the SCAR20s
  12. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Thank you very much, also I know you must send a copy to your local chief, is it necessary to send a simple cover letter with it or just the form would be good enough?
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