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  1. Tell me about Woburn

    Been here 34 years. All new schools over the last 20 years. If you have an unrestricted LTC it will be renewed as such. New LTCs restricted first issue telling people that will be unrestricted on renewal. 3rd lowest tax rate in Massachusetts. If you need to be in this area it is OK. PM me...
  2. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    From flight aware only thing in the sky over Boston. Two choppers over Nubian Square
  3. Buying an AR 15 from non LTC holder

    Thank you
  4. Buying an AR 15 from non LTC holder

    Len, I have a C&R And am to lazy to look it up ,but are any Colt ARs listed by serial number in the C&R list. I thought there was some super secret evil black rifle rule that kept them off.
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Holy 1970s Sci Fi book quote Batman. What’s next Footfall with the Deep Throat reference? Footfall - Wikipedia[/ Survivalist Forum - View Single Post - Lucifer's Hammer SHTF TEOTWAWKI Survival Forum A vignette from the book Lucifer's Hammer describes a surfer riding...
  6. the bastards made the new electric mustang

    View: may as well have been this
  7. Rich People Injecting Teen Blood To Stay Young

    Fuggaboutit. Keith Richards started doing this in 72. How do you think he is still here.
  8. wanting to apply for the RI non- resident LTC

    I have posted this before. I was successful through Narragansett two years ago but I own a house there and I have my C&R license. I think the C&R helped a lot. PM me if you want more details. This is the link to the RI firearms owners league. Rhode Island Firearm Owners' League
  9. Sumner Redstone Will Not Be Down For Breakfast

    Warren Beatty
  10. Yellowstone - TV Series

    I am not sure but I believe this has already been renewed for two more seasons.
  11. Mass Firearms Licenses April 1, 2020

    I agree I am going to try to find an accepted estimate of adult population per capita use the online census information then build a pivot table off of that. And my wife says I am no fun[smile]
  12. Mass Firearms Licenses April 1, 2020

    Below is a link to the showing current statistics on firearm licenses as of April 1, 2020. Attached are two files I exported to clean up the data. One is a pdf file with all categories listed. The other is the Excel file with the data in a pivot table and a slicer added so you can...
  13. Blast from the past

    Spags was great. Free tomato plants every spring. Every funeral in Shrewsburry received some sort of support from Spags. Employees were treated like family as long as the founder was alive. I think there is a video View:
  14. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

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