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  • Thanks for the kind comments. To answer your questions the real ivory can be purchased at Nutmeg Sports, http://www.nutmegsports.com/ he's the BEST when it comes to ivory. I bought the Les Baer about 12-13 years ago and had it hard chromed. Cost with the chrome was around $1900.00

    hey i was on your website very very impressive collection the Les custom caught my eye and i was wondering how much that ran you, and also the real ivory grips where did you get them?

    Hi Mike, I'm Dave, also from MVGC. I have a question if I may; I see you have a NH non-resident LTC. Dumb question I'm sure, but I'll ask anyway. Does that license allow you to purchase guns in NH that might not neccessarily be 100% compliant in MA, say Glocks for example? Or do you have to have a NH residence as well? 1 More question; if it doesn't allow you to buy in NH, what is the purpose of having it?

    I live 6 miles from Seabrook and was thinking about getting a NH LTC if It allows me to buy there and bring back into Ma. which I doubt! That woud be too easy and everyone would be doing it, right?!?


    Dave Watson
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