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  1. Pre Healey

    I knew it!! There IS a secret handshake!!
  2. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    I was handed a form stating my purpose for my traveling between MA, CT and RI this week in the event that I was pulled over.
  3. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Sundays are best to hit the range! It was ghost town at Harvard Sportsman's club sunday morning!! Maybe because it was just shy of 30 degress?!!
  4. Hypothetically speaking... Ammo collection

    Is she accepting applications for new friends?
  5. AR sales up down , good deals or not?

  6. I felt totally naked today...

    Hope that your uncle makes a speedy recovery!
  7. All set, thanks! Good gunsmith

    Interested in feedback after you have the work done. Post results?
  8. How do you spot a fellow NES 'er?

    I had an amazing brunch at The Foundry in Manchester, NH this past Sunday on the recommendation of another member in one of the posts. I am a relatively new member, and have enjoyed this community immensely thus far. I have met a few members through transactions, but how to spot them in the wild...
  9. New Citizen and Their 2A rights

    I was born in Guatemala. Adopted at age five. The process to get my LTC was just simply filling out the form as any us born individual. The application for my UTAH permit was a little different. I had to send a copy of my naturalization papers and had to enter my naturalization number on the...
  10. Who here is interested in NRL22 in Southern NH?

    Interested. Follow thread for updates? Thank you in advance for spending your free time in this.
  11. Project Veritas #Expose2020

  12. I need some 1" or 1 1/2" steel square tubing

    Does it have to be steel? I have a few sections of 1"×1" and 2"×2" aluminum x 10'
  13. Pistol Rack Karma

    In, please
  14. Getting a german shepard

    Temperament, Temperament, Temperament They are working dogs and very intelligent. Be consistent with your training. They can be a handful if not allowed to burn off energy. I found that mental stimulation is just as good for getting them tired with this cold weather.
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