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  1. Welding - How to Learn?

    Definitely post an update when you do. I am looking at that very same machine for the wife! Thanks
  2. My doctor diagnosed me with GAS

    Seems to be highly contagious among a certain demographic and is running rampant at gun clubs and gun ranges. I'm only a little over 2 years in to having my LTC and I think I have a full blown case of GAS.
  3. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast. Sucks.

    Been following and drooling over your DW posts! Sorry to hear about your loss. On a complete separate topic. I recently picked up a pm9 and pm10, dated 2004 and 2005. Have you ever had any issues with your 1911?Anything that I need to keep an eye on? How has the coating on your pm9 held up...
  4. My Guns Thread from start to future

  5. Happy Birthday Laura!

    Happy Birthday, Laura!!
  6. Newbie

    I tend to think it's more of a "comb over"
  7. New Acquisitions September 2020 Firearms only

    Please adopt me..Iofneedle jr. has a nice ring to it
  8. Match Videos

    All of these match videos are great!!! What cameras are being used?
  9. Robert Kraft busted in Florida Prostitution Sting

    Another "happy ending" for Kraft
  10. Anti Aunt from P.E.I. Canada just sent me this...

    It has been crossed listed on Armslist and Gunbroker. Described as "Safe Queen"
  11. Good day to hit the Range

    Where did you get the comps? Feel any difference in the recoil?
  12. Any Sheet Rockers on here? Wanna get an estimate on my garage

    And most likely one coat of mud. Maybe ising Fire caulking of any small penetrations that cant be mudded.
  13. Custom Beretta 92

    What was the turn around time? Range report when you take out for a spin, please
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