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  1. Northeast Arms - Route 1 South in Peabody

    I've been in the shop a few times, but when I had an issue with my AR they were highly recommended so I came in with a rifle that wasn't purchased there. Not only did they fix my problem but I learned a few things too. I will definitely be back!
  2. Cleveland cop shoots 12 year old who was holding an Airsoft gun

    When i was 12 i had real and fake guns. The difference with me was that i didnt run around parks waiving them and pointing them at people. When i saw the police at any age I listened to them and I am still here.
  3. 22 LR ammo

    I have guns that shoot it no problem and i have guns that won't cycle a single round of that and many others. Seems to me any of my newer 22's will shoot it fine, my older ones wont. You dont know till you try but i bet most will be ok.
  4. WTB AR10 mags

    I am looking for AR10 magazines of all sizes. I am on the north shore but will travel a reasonable distance or can pay for shipping. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  5. New Massachusetts Headlight Law Effective April 7, 2015

    just another bullshit excuse for them to be able to pull you over and attempt to illegally search your car.
  6. Metal detectors will be at Fenway

    What do they think they are preventing? I go to 30+ games a year and dont recall anything ever happening that a metal detector would prevent.
  7. North Charleston officer faces murder charge

    I know we only see the bad stuff, but it seems as though every first instict for a police office is to shoot. Doesnt matter if the person is unarmed, has a knife, a stick, or whatever. Whatever happened to assessing the situation?
  8. Scumbags came through the neighborhood last night.....

    this story was on the news.
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