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  1. 9mm load for USPSA

    My pistol gets cleaned the night before every match. Before practice... not so much. A clean gun is a happy gun and malfunctions suck it!
  2. 2015 USPSA Area 7 Championship

    Trying to squeeze this one in. With the family vacas as well. See how it goes...
  3. 40 vs 45 or 9mm

    I choose a caliber that is appropriate for the game I am playing and the rules that govern the game. Sometimes that means I have to wear my pajama pants. But I'm OK with that as long as I look good wearing them. For PD I carry a 45
  4. Bad News from New Bedford

    That club just lost one of the best programs they (or any other club) could have had going. It was managed by a group of highly motivated and dedicated individuals. These are the types of programs and people that clubs should be embracing not pushing away. It is so mind boggling and...

    Literally Dan
  6. Shoot ‘till You Puke, Thanksgiving all Steel ProAm style match 11-22-14 @ HSA

    May have to make my return to shooting at this match (if I am feeling up to it)!
  7. Matches at independent done

    Seems like action shooting sports match venues are dropping like flies in the past year or so. MRA (which had great steel matches for years), Sig Acad. and now Independent. Geez I take one season off to get a little repair done and many of the spots I like close down. This is bumming me out.
  8. Competition Pistol Choice

    What mlaboss says... Definitely become more knowledgeable about the rules before offering advice. A little assumption like that can get you bumped to Open division or could cost you money that you didn't want to spend. I have seen it happen many times to new comers to the sport and those who...
  9. Competition Pistol Choice

    What are you guys talking about? I absolutely need every single one of my fancy blasters and boom sticks just as much as I need to eat dinner every night ;o)
  10. BUAS

    I thought it was perfect. Thanks for letting me join last minute. I was starting to have withdrawals from all of you guys!
  11. S&W 929 8 shot 9mm

    I have a super version and get great accuracy with 130gr .356 bullets. If my back isn't better in the spring, I may have to break it out and shoot revo... Less running. More swift walking...
  12. 1911 IWB Holster Advice

    I have had a Brigade Gunleather custom M-11 for a few years now that I use with my 3" 1911. I like it very much. The only thing is, it takes him a long time to make it and his customer service is not the greatest. Sometimes you might catch him at a time when he has one in stock though. I find...
  13. AFS is no more :-(

    I'm with Dan. Less starts = less time. Not participating is bumming me out this winter.
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