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  1. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Same as selling lowers...or serialized frames
  2. Straw Purchase??? Me buying a gun, not for me... 4 scenarios

    The case with the check is Abramski
  3. Straw Purchase??? Me buying a gun, not for me... 4 scenarios

    We all thought that too...until Abramski v. United States - Wikipedia
  4. 2020 Mass Shootings - or the Lack Thereof...

    Sorry, I haven't. I could have been clearer. Every time someone does a story on us, we get follow ups from several other outlets. Following the WBUR story, I'm petty sure, one of the reporters from The Trace reached out. I round-filed that email with prejudice.
  5. 2020 Mass Shootings - or the Lack Thereof...

    That high class reporting is why I couldn't be bothered to answer their email about writing a Pink Pistols story
  6. Gallup: Support for Gun Control Falls to Lowest Since 2016

    How fitting: 2020 Mass Shootings - or the Lack Thereof... And that, right there, is why I didn't even have their reporter with a reply when The Trace wanted to do a story on the Pink Pistols
  7. Collapsable baton

    What are you taking about? NFA items are registered federally. Part of filing a Form 1 is to inform your chief that you're building an SBR. There are folks in this forum who talk openly about manufacturing lawful SBRs in MA. This would be the easiest bust in the history of easy busts, yet...
  8. Local poachers in the news

    That sounds like quitter talk
  9. Sleep, how much?

    Everyone is different, and has different needs. I used to generally run on 4-6. When I'm depressed, it ramps up to 8+...which has can make for a vicious cycle.
  10. Homemade Kydex

    I haven't really gotten into forming yet, though I've been wanting to use some silicone sheets and a vacuum to make a compliant clamp. Should work a treat. I just have too many things to do ahead of this right now.
  11. Defective Firearms

    unsafe at any speed, eh?

    I think it falls solidly in the "Space Gat" category. Clearly a question of taste; some people are wrong about whisky, too.
  13. Homemade Kydex

    On the topic of finishing edges, grab a propane/mapp torch and some scraps of kydex. you can get a great edge with just a little practice.
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