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  1. Freebie- Die set

    I didn't get my hopes up. I just had to take a chance since there wasn't a single reply yet. Thumbs up anyways for the nice freebie.
  2. Freebie- Die set

    In. Still available?
  3. Wild shootout in Northeast DC captured on home surveillance video

    My takeaway is the DC police can roll up to a shootout, casually step out of their vehicle with no sense of urgency, no weapon drawn ready to take a defensive/offensive position, but I could get pulled over for making a right turn at a no turn on red, and the cop walks over hand already on...
  4. Harvard sportsman club

    Hey all, I was interested in attending the monthly breakfast (would've attended last months, but it was on the day of a match), and had a couple of questions. It is open to the public, right? Or will I show up, and the gate will be locked? I also plan on bringing the wife and kid (going on 5...
  5. Looking For Sponsor, Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    The setup is pretty basic. It's an older model GoPro Hero 2, with the head strap mount. I can only imagine how much lighter the current generation of GoPro's are. There was someone else in my squad that looked like they were wearing a Contour camera on the side of their head, similar to this...
  6. Looking For Sponsor, Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Hey all! After years of putting this off, I am finally ready to commit to joining a club. HSC is less than a 15 minute drive from home, and I've shot numerous different matches here. Before the sponsorship requirement, members were always vocal about me becoming a member, but since that day, one...
  7. Correlation? Controlling people.

    I'm going to take a guess, and say that this is the quote in question. It's meant to be taken sarcastically.
  8. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  9. Bass River Sunday July 1rst

    I'd like to say thanks to the Bass River crew, and members for putting on a great match. Yes, it was hot and sunny, but shade could be found at every stage. Also, thank you to the gentleman that let me run his PCC after the match finished. All I have to say is that thing is like cheat mode, and...
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