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  1. Marlin 336 or go with a new Marlin 1895?

    I have only one lever and its a 336,, i went into the local gunshop almost 30 yrs. ago now looking for a Winchester 94, there were several in the rack along with a solitary 336, i picked up several 94's in various calibers, each one felt loose and actually rattled when i shook it, i picked up...
  2. Happy Veterans Day 2021

    Thank you to all that served or continue to serve.
  3. Get the shot or get discharged

    My neighbour who is in the Guard got "counseled" this morning, he was not amused. His retirement papers are going in Monday. He has his time in but is sad its come to this.
  4. Divorce

    After reading all 9 pages all l can say is thank god i never married. Last one i was with i caught cheating, her reply to me when confronted was "what makes you think you are special, i have cheated on everyone i have ever been with". Total Kvnt. Karma caught up to her a yr. later, but...
  5. What's the most you've spent on a single firearm?

    $2787.00 for a CMP M1C rifle complete with scope, mount etc. 1 of 100 auctioned off by them back in the 90's.
  6. Nephew finally gets to put a landing at Miramar in his logbook,,,

    The kid winged yesterday,,, i can just imagine last nights party, lol.
  7. Northeast Gun Shows

    didnt know,, will take a look, Thanks.
  8. Northeast Gun Shows

    My SKS will most likely end up on John Taylors table,maybe one of the Garands too, will see how the table space situation works.
  9. Karma for Peterborough

    We try not to aquire customers in Perfectborough,, its easier to find an ex to torment and save the drive.
  10. New 2019 Yaesu FT3DR

    I have a Yeasu FRG7, I dont think i have turned it on in 10 yrs. I got it mainly to listen to commercial radio stations in different parts of the world. I imagine it falls int the "antique" catagory by now.
  11. Nephew finally gets to put a landing at Miramar in his logbook,,,

    Kid was doing a cross country training flight, instructor told him to divert and go to Miramar before going down to Brown field for a full stop landing. I guess the IP wanted it in his log too as he had to push for a landing clearance. He wanted to try to hit Roswell on the way back but it dint...
  12. Northeast Gun Shows

    Am going,, friend is setting up there and asked me to come. I am going to bring a Garand or two, some NM sites and maybe some parts/slings. oh, and an sks.
  13. Karma for Peterborough

    The town was actually giving $$ to the company building that bridge??? LOL. i drive by it once a week and see little to no progress other than occasionally dropping a piece of heavy equipment into the river. Never have i seen so many people standing around doing nothing for that long. it will...
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