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  1. New Salem ma ltc

    Salem was no prob 5 years ago...think it was about a 4-6 week wait for interview and then got the call right at about 40 days from interview to pickup license. Still same chief, different licensing officer. Don't think it has changed much, although I don't know what they're doing right now...
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Just put a label on your LTC with the new address
  3. Who here is interested in NRL22 in Southern NH?

    I'm interested
  4. Looking For A Range To Call Home

    Hopkinton is a great club and they run awesome USPSA matches.
  5. Tikka T1x in .22

    I'd have no reservations, I love the Tikka I have in .308. Think I'm going to with a CZ 457 varmint instead though as there's more aftermarket support and chassis options.
  6. Last day for Riley’s

    I haven't been shooting that long, but I frequent Shooters Outpost ever since I started reloading a few years back. Someone told me to try Rileys a couple years ago so I did, and their prices and selection weren't that great so I continued shopping at Shooters Outpost instead. From what I've...
  7. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    good to know! I'm currently living in Peabody (not my issuing town) and I'm up for renewal next year. Thanks for the post.
  8. Ear Safety Systems:

    ^ This. While I can't speak for Steve in response to several of the complaints here, I can say he's a stand up guy who does A LOT to support the shooting sports. Also, just an FYI, he works on boats and this time of year he is extremely busy. Calling him is prob your best bet at reaching him...
  9. Beretta Introduces Competition-Ready 92X Performance Pistol

    From what I've heard, the DA/SA trigger is actually pretty awesome. Sounds like Beretta did a great job on this gun catering to the competition market. I can't stand that beavertail though. The importance of a low bore axis is exaggerated IMO, especially in a soft shooting 9mm pistol, but...
  10. Coated Bullets

    I use ibejiheads and love them. I will say I've found them slightly underweight at times by up to .8 gr. Doesn't really matter unless you're really riding the PF line. I also used Bayous for a while which were great and consistently a couple tenths of a grain overweight, which they do...
  11. 9mm 1911

    Recently picked up 2 Springfield 1911s and love them. The fit of the Colt they had in stock was garbage by comparison.
  12. Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club IDPA 2/9

    Careful with the button up. I did that my first couple matches until one time it wrapped over my gun when I tried to draw. Thankfully it didn't create an unsafe situation, but it could have if I didn't immediately stop. I bought a vest on the way home from that match. You may want to consider a...
  13. Leftover 45acp

    Messaged you.
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