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  1. What ammo are you buying and for what?

    A whole lot of .308 now that I've been playing the plates hanging on the 300yd range at my club. Also picked up a box of cold tracer 38spc ammo to try out sometime just to see what it does.
  2. "Juniors Sportsmans Day"

    My club did a family fun day the past couple of years. It was members and their families only. The idea was more to showcase what the club had to offer besides the pistol pits and 100yd rifle range. A lot of people didn't realize we have skeet, trap, five stand, sporting clays, and a hunting...
  3. Inexpensive SIG P320 magazines?

    Try There were some ETS and Promag 17rd mags on sale for $15-18 each.
  4. Top 2 guns you wish you NEVER bought?

    Hi-point carbine 9mm.
  5. Skinner peep sight for Henry big boy 357 question

    I've had good luck. I've shot out to 100 yards and haven't had any accuracy issues that couldn't be attributed to something like trying to hit a tiny target that I could barely see and using 38spc ammo, when I switched to 357 then it got a lot easier. Everyone who has tried the gun with the peep...
  6. Skinner peep sight for Henry big boy 357 question

    When I installed the skinner peep sight on my 357 henry I found I could see the stock front sight without issue.
  7. I've Been Nominated to Run for the NRA Board

    same here, you'll definitely get my vote.
  8. Prescription glasses/shooting glasses

    I bought some Hunters HD Gold RX. I already had a recent prescription from my eye doctor and the office didn't offer shooting glasses. I worked with Brian from the company and was completely satisfied. He sent some samples of the models I was interested to try on and then mark the pupil on the...
  9. Amazon not sending knives to MA now?

    Amazon was blocking me buying swab-it foam bore tips of sizes like .22 but didn’t mind 12ga. Saying the product couldn’t be shipped to my address. Someone had posted amazon was claiming it was swab-it’s policy not to ship to mass. Interesting because the company is in Springfield and I ordered...
  10. Getting into CCO/Carry Optics

    Slide ports are fine for Carry Optics division, you just can't have a ported barrel or comp on it.
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