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  • Good morning. If the deal falls through and you are willing to sell the upper set up alone, please let me know. I would be intrested in the complete Upper and the sling. That is the set up I have been looking to build myself. Let me know what you are looking to get.
    Nothing right now...had a few different bikes over the years. =) I might buy another one in the spring or summer if I find what I'm looking for.
    I was looking at one at Southampton Harley last year. It only had 200 miles on it and had been an insurance total. Was going to buy to fix, but they wanted too much for what it was, but it was a 08 in the same orange color. Love that color. Mines an 03 in Gun metak pearl. Its been a great ride once I took the wrench to it. 100 cubic, R&R gear drive, pop tops, decked heads and cylinders, 6 speed. I love it.
    oh yeh-its mine,that was taken this year at the world of wheels show,won best in class(musta been the bagger class) just put hot rod woods cams in,what a nice bike! killer to ride!
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