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  1. Car Advice for Son at Ft Bragg

    OP here - I’ll just mention a few great car stories about my son: 1. Gave him my 2009 Forester when he got his DL. Next day, I pick up a voicemail “Dad, do we have a really long tow chain - about 200 feet?” The tiny captions at the bottom of those commercials ‘closed track’, ‘professional...
  2. FMJ Steel Case vs brass

    I’ve got a case of 1000 Tula 556 polymer-coated steel ammo with the $99.99 price tag still on it in the bottom of the ammo cabinet. I plan to save the box as a collector’s item after I shoot the ammo - maybe pour the box top with price tag into a clear poly tabletop.
  3. Apparent ‘FBI Bulletin’ about Armed 50 State Protest

    “Sixteen groups — some of them armed and most of them hard-line supporters of President Trump — have registered to stage protests in Washington, prompting deep concern among federal officials about an event that has historically been a packed celebration of American democracy.” So, if you have...
  4. Apparent ‘FBI Bulletin’ about Armed 50 State Protest Yeah, if people march with ARs slung in NJ, the go-time clock already rang.
  5. Democrats are preparing a gun control onslaught...Throwing Feinstein Overboard

    Here’s the 2ndA firearm Dems are willing to let you own, properly disassembled for safe storage and locked separate from ammunition, of course.
  6. Democrats are preparing a gun control onslaught...Throwing Feinstein Overboard

    With Georgia fallen and the Senate in Democrats’ hands, there will be a lot more First 100 Days gun control. That said, Biden will be under pressure to not risk all of the Blue Dog politicians up for 2022 re-election. Our best hope is that he grows even more mentally feeble and the Progressive...
  7. Ridgeline May 2021 Scoped Carbine Class

    Link? I have 1-6x24 scopes on my Tavor X95 300AAC and FN FAL - such a class would be cool.
  8. New Law Firm Opening In Concord, NH (February 2021)

    As in eliminating State of NH involvement in NICS background checks. When the Sate of NH has excuses about staff shortages, technical limitations, etc., FFL transfers are delayed. Defaulting to the Feds is no more risky than it has ever been, as any changes to NICS laws would pass onto State of...
  9. Car Advice for Son at Ft Bragg

    My son, 21, Army Infantry Airborne 82nd Red Falcons, is coming back from deployment soon and will come home to NH for leave. He’s 2yr in this Spring on a 3yr hitch - dunno if he plans to re-up yet. He wants to buy a car and a gun. The gun thing, I can figure. I’ll give him a gun, do an FFL...
  10. 18 Weapons, 450+ Rounds Of Ammo Stolen From Gun Show

    Slipped them out through that gun show loophole.
  11. EDC at work?

    I worked in several buildings/properties in MA that were owned by a college/university and leased, with either daytime classes somewhere in the building or evening classes/seminars. So iffy on the law - a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, as they say. Surprisingl, none of the 8 companies...
  12. LAPD Seized And Destroyed 300+ Firearm Collection Worth $1M

    Amateur collector... ~42k guns recovered for FBI trace in CA in 2019, with almost 2/3 of those traced to an origin coming from within CA.
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