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  1. WTS Large office desk, FREE

    I am removing a large corner desk that was in my house when I bought it. It mounts to the walls, not a standalone. Nice desk, very sturdy and solid construction. We just have different plans for the room and nowhere to put it. Free to a good home. Located in Sterling, MA. Reasonable delivery...
  2. Dumb guy at the range

    I used to point my muzzle dangerously close to my feet because I was so worried about it pointing somewhere it shouldn't be when I was new. figured I'd admit that and come clean
  3. Lowell police seeking help with rape investigation

    I'm not going to disagree with your view, but I will disagree with your "evidence" it has nothing to do with response times because no one was called so the response time argument is irrelevant. all of that meanwhile is irrelevant in allowing someone to protect themselves
  4. Lowell police seeking help with rape investigation

    "what better way to throw them off my trail than to say I may know who did it, genius.... oh wait I'm arrested, oops"
  5. The people who carry 40 s&w...

    I like to mix it up based on the style trends, sometimes .40, sometimes 9mm, sometimes 7.62x54r
  6. Wow...didn'tknow Pokemon was such a competitive sport. :-O

    they sure meant business, not bringing the guns anywhere near the convention.... that being said, I was at the tattoo convention next to this yesterday and there were enough people (at both) that made me think the human race could use a good culling
  7. Dick's to stock handguns and black rifles

    I love Dick's
  8. 2015 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    I went fishing in 30mph wind last saturday, not pleasant, water was still very cold, the action is heating up this week though, I will be getting out sunday and hope to get a couple big bass as they are picking up their eating acquaintances of mine lucky enough to be able to fish during the...
  9. ZQI Ammo leaving Walmart

    ok buddy... more for everyone else, thanks
  10. Address Change Form for LTC Question

    no one would ever do such a thing in MA, thats for sure
  11. Ocala police officer dies after accidental shooting during training

    as always in this awful stories, a number of safety rules were ignored/forgotten/never learned, etc
  12. Does Anyone Appendix Carry?

    maybe try a holster that sits a little higher, or is adjustable so you can cant it if needed? I had this issue with my sig and my g19 but was able to get comfortable with both by adjusting the holsters for reference I am 6' 225lb, but my body is wide, hips are wide and much of my fat is on my...
  13. NRA Bans ‘Operational’ Guns At NRA Convention

    doesn't seem too far fetched to me, you can carry where legally allowed to do so, as always
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