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  1. I honestly need to know...

    Plus they are a bit harder to get in MA. Forbidden fruit and all...
  2. Glock 19 mags - factory, magpul, etc ?

    Love the OE mags. Not a fan of how the Magpul Glock mags don't show you how many rounds are left.
  3. Firearm Cerakoting

    I would recommend Eric at Krazy Kustoms in Wilmington but you said south shore...
  4. AR Stripped Lower - Legal Fail

    They are illegal to send to anyone, 07 FFL or otherwise.
  5. AR Stripped Lower - Legal Fail

    The other train wreck of a thread talking about having an 80% lower finished by someone else without marking them reminded me of this beautiful fail I stumbled across on GunBroker the other night: "Complete AR15 Milled Lowers... These AR15 lowers are...
  6. .....

    Loved every minute of this thread.
  7. Is this a gun in MA?

    Upon closer inspection, I noticed the slide does not have a hole for a firing pin to even protrude through. So even if you replaced the short firing pin with a normal one, it would just run into the back of the slide breech face. Another safety feature surely, to prevent someone from swapping...
  8. Is this a gun in MA?

    For those asking, yes the frame is serialized. It is definitely a gun at the federal level as the frame is all there where it matters and could easily accept a normal Glock slide and shoot.
  9. Is this a gun in MA?

    Here's a fun query. Is a factory Glock cutaway model a gun under MGL? It's not immediately capable of firing shot as the firing pin is intentionally made too short. I suppose if you replaced the firing pin with a normal one, it would fire a round, but possibly blow up in your hand since the...
  10. Machine Gun Transfer Issue (May have to be Destroyed ): )

    Are you an 07 FFL w/ 02 SOT? Can't you take possession of them for gunsmithing until something is figured out?
  11. First time AR 15 owner needs help.

    Interesting rifle, good luck with it.
  12. AR build/purchasing confusion

    Guidance is not law.
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