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  1. Palmetto state armory, they won’t ship to ma so are there any third party vendors?

    Anyone know of places that will sell palmetto state armory products. They won’t ship anything to MA. It’s frustrating they won’t even send optics and they have some good deals. Specifically if someone wanted to buy an upper what are their options? Don’t have out of state friends and have...
  2. New Brownells Foldable ARs - Awesome SBR Possibilities?

    They fit onto ar lowers? Or is it different?
  3. Anthropologist: Guns have an almost supernatural potency to change the people who possess them into

    I’m potently broke and the credit card companies are the unethical agents in this magic
  4. ATF Is Not Approving NFA submissions from MA

    Eventually when I figure this process out.
  5. ATF Is Not Approving NFA submissions from MA

    So you have to tell them the length of the barrel and the overall length in the application, what if you want to make it a couple inches bigger or smaller? Is it a sbr but only for the length of barrel that you specify? Do you need to pony up another $200 if you change the length?
  6. Vaccine industry about to recruit gun-toting police to enforce mandatory medical interventions

    So some ridiculous website writes an article asking a question and people think that this is actually happening?
  7. 9-18 eops approved roster out

    No p365. Anyone have one they want to sell?
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