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  1. Best way to disguise my safe?

    When we were moving out of Mass, I was also concerned. The advantage I had was that all my gun stuff was in a room I built in the basement for that purpose. I figured I would simply keep it locked. I did have pics available to show what the room looked like (before I put all my stuff in it)...
  2. Buying land just for the sake of buying land?

    Think twice about buying a property in SC and not living in it, there are property tax implications if you are not claiming it as your primary residence. Even if you move to SC and have a house and decide to buy another property, say a beach house in SC, you must claim one property as your...
  3. What gun brands do you own the most of?

    Currently Ruger.
  4. Has anyone actually got a call/visit from the ATF?

    As a "private citizen", no. But I had an FFL from 90 to 99 and never even got a call from them never mind a visit. I got a C&R license a couple years later and within 2 years got a call requesting a visit to "check my paperwork". Being an honest law abiding citizen, I made an appointment...
  5. Organizing / storing pistol magazines?

    I do have enough of the calibers I shoot to keep me going for maybe 18 months or so, but I don't want to shoot it all up at my usual pace until I'm sure I can replace it, and NOT at what the current prices are!
  6. Organizing / storing pistol magazines?

    Bought 2 just before Xmas. Don't really need to buy more guns now, need to spend my money on ammo!
  7. Organizing / storing pistol magazines?

    That is true enough, but in my case I guess my guns magazines are different enough that I can easily tell which is which. I guess I don't have enough guns!
  8. Organizing / storing pistol magazines?

    Every mag fed gun in my safe has a mag in it. Whatever extra mags don't fit in the safe go in labeled zip lock bags and then into a plastic storage container and are kept in safe number 2. I know which mags fit which gun, the labels are for the benefit of whoever has to deal with them when I...
  9. Chance to win 14,000 rounds

    In. Thanks for the post!
  10. LTC expires weeks before moving out of MA - renew or not renew?

    I think being an NRA Instructor will get you out of the live fire part, but you will need to take the law part of a course. Check out handgunlaw.usa and click on SC or contact SLED directly and ask.
  11. Anyone have a lead on where to get ammo? This is getting ridiculous

    Believe it or not, folks in Massachusetts probably have an easier time finding ammo than folks in free states. I left Massachusetts in 2015, my new state of residence only requires a permit to carry a gun. That means everyone of legal age (and not a PP) can purchase guns or ammo. I have not...
  12. Ruger PC-9 Carbine and Preban Glock Mags

    I bought one just before Xmas. The manual specifically states the U notch Glock mags won't work. I have some of those but have not tried them since I have enough square notch mags.
  13. No Ragrets! The ‘out yourself’ panic buy 2020/2021 picture/self shaming thread

    Just before Xmas I paid MSRP for 2 guns I had been looking for for about 6 months. First time evah!
  14. Ludwig Wilhelm Seecamp

    Dealer price is $510 or retail? If retail is $510, that's only $10 more than they were 25 years ago. Mine were Milford guns, I never had a problem with mine.
  15. Ludwig Wilhelm Seecamp

    When I had an FFL in the mid 90's, I ordered 4 Seecamps and was told I would be notified shortly before my order would be shipped. Approximately 18 months later, I received them. Dealer price was $325. I kept 1 and sold the other 3. I still have it and will not sell it, but do not carry it...
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