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  1. Cops: 'Ghost' handguns, assault rifles found at Port Washington man's home

    I'm excited to see what happens when someone is arrested for one prohibited "ghost gun" - particularly a handgun - in his home in light of the heller decision. This patriot obviously pushed the boundaries.
  2. Para Orndance LDA 1911

  3. Para Orndance LDA 1911

    if you or anyone you know has one, please get in touch with me. I'm building one from a SARCO 80% I bought and can't get any information anywhere on forums, from the manufactures, or from sarco. Everyone says "measure someone elses" - and I cant find one to measure. That sear pin hole is a...
  4. Ebay is now antigun

    I bought a hammer and firing mechanisms and safety this week. Much success.
  5. EDC/Subcompact Carry Gun

    I'm building myself one of these: ordered enough parts to get the job started this week. I'll be sure to start a thread in the "build" section when I get started.
  6. steel-framed S&W 1911

    Glad to hear it - and thank you!
  7. steel-framed S&W 1911

    Thank you so much! Perfect!
  8. steel-framed S&W 1911

    Just as a point of clarification, I am well aware of the many different brands of carbon steel framed 1911s and frame suppliers. I'm specifically looking for a Smith and Wesson 1911 made of carbon steel - My dad had one some time ago and I'm trying to replicate it with a nice blued finish. He...
  9. steel-framed S&W 1911

    I'm sorry, you are 100% correct - I meant "carbon steel". Editing OP now...
  10. steel-framed S&W 1911

    No, not stainless. carbon steel. I know they've existed, and I know that I want one. The question is where do I find it? Are there model names anyone can help me out with? Any help is appreciated.
  11. ATF E-Forms Submission wait time

    Paper form 1 Submitted 7/6/16 Approved 3/13/17
  12. hypothetical loophole around Healey?

    That's the key to the whole thing, I suppose. My 7/6/16 was approved, but that's before the magic date.
  13. hypothetical loophole around Healey?

    The ATF won't approve a form 1 for a suppressor in MA, that's the difference.
  14. hypothetical loophole around Healey?

    I'm not sure how I managed to buy a novelty "offensive weapons" lower from out of state, have it shipped to my local FFL, who then performed the transfer if that's the case. It's the transfer within the state that I'm hypothesizing about - whether federal approval trumps healey. I own it...
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