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  1. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Holliston MA. LTC-A No Restrictions, took 43 days from interview to pickup.
  2. Joined GOAL Today

    To stop getting mail and phone calls from the NRA, just call NRA HQ at 703-267-1000 and ask to speak with Membership. You could also use the "800" number that is on your membership card to call and speak to a Membership Specialist to ensure you no longer receive any direct mail or phone calls...
  3. Sheriff Joe's Evidence presented (Video)

    We already knew he was a Democrat.
  4. WWI all about the benjamins?

    WW1 was all about old empires tied together by treaties unable to extract themselves from their treaty obligations The war had been going on for almost three years before the US got involved, and only then because the British made the US aware of Germany attempting to persuade Mexico to declare...
  5. A thread-viewing reminder/tip.

    Thanks for the reminder.
  6. NY - Man Shoots, Kills Pit Bull Attacking Kids

    Bad dog, good shoot.
  7. Should I provide more info than legally required (permit renewal)

    It is time for me to renew my NH Pistol & Revolver License (first renewal, initially issued when I moved to NH 4 years ago) and I have a decision to make: State law says no form other than the one prescribed and issued by the Director of State Police may be used for the application and...
  8. Guest Essay: More guns equals more gun violence

    Looks like Chet has been a board member of ICHV for 27 years:
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