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  1. WTS Custom Glock 34

  2. WTS Custom Glock 34

  3. WTS Custom Glock 34

    Brand new custom Glock34, Trijicon SRO, true glow night sights, $1500 will follow all state and federal laws
  4. WTB G17 frame

    Looking for a Glock17 Gen3 Black Frame...
  5. Shadow 2 OR

    I just received an email from USPSA, that said the weight limit in CO division is 56oz the shadow 2 is about 47oz... I don’t know if USPSA just revised their weight limits..
  6. Shadow 2 OR

    I’ve seen different answers all over the Internet as far as the CZ shadow 2 optics ready is USPSA carry Optics legal.. some say it’s over the weight requirements. But from what I’ve read it’s production legal.. I want to shoot it in CO
  7. SW1911TA

    Hi everyone , I just picked up a new sw1911ta, beautiful firearm!! Love it.. Just a little disappointed at 15 feet it shoots about an inch to the left.. Now I realize that's a sign of trigger control, so I called a friend with a ransom rest, clamped it in and still left..tweaked the rear sight ...
  8. Smith, Ruger or Sig.

    I was watching YouTube reviews on Sig 1911's and some stated its the best value for the buck, right up there with 1911's costing twice as much...
  9. Smith, Ruger or Sig.

    The more I look at the E-Series I can't decide if I like the fish scales or not... I don't mind the external extractor... I have an older S&W 1911 never once had an issue with it, unlike my brand new SR1911 I had to tweak the shit out of the extractor to get it to feed
  10. Smith, Ruger or Sig.

    The Ruger is an excellent 1911, I like the fact it has big serrations in the rear, and none in the front.. It's a very clean looking gun.. And it feels great in the hand...
  11. Smith, Ruger or Sig.

    If you had a choice of a S&W e-series ,Ruger SR1911 or a Sig 1911 all full size which one would it be, and why..... [grin]
  12. FTF issue with Ruger sr1911

    Ok, I'm stubborn and like to tinker... I shot the gun again and after 2 rnds it jammed again, now shinning a light in there I noticed the round looked like it was hanging up on the extractor.. So I went on Willson Combat and there's a spec sheet on tunning extractors.... Mine was WAY off, there...
  13. FTF issue with Ruger sr1911

    My front sight is still intact.. Lol maybe ill tell them to change it before it shears off..... [laugh]
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