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  1. Real Estate lease restricting firearms

    Is a lease for real estate rental in MA that prohibits firearms on the premises, at least for the renter, as opposed to visitors, legal and enforceable?
  2. What are our options in a crowded harassment situation

    That made young Nick Sandmann a wealthy young man. First, i'd not be there. If that got past me, I'd ignore them, not engage. If, like in the video, they thrust their cowardly faces close to mine in such a threatening manner, they get moved to arms length by the trachea. It's very...
  3. Subcompact commute car you’d recommend.

    I did the commuter rail for 20 years, gave it up last year. I did the math on the total cost (purchase price, insurance, gas, routine maintanance) of a commuter vehicle vs. the rail pass (Zone 8) a few rate hikes ago, train was about 20% higher. I communicated the data to the MBTA, they...
  4. Recommendations for ways to conceal carry in men’s skinny jeans.

    My wife made me this bologna cake for my birthday, so now I'm too fat to wear skinny jeans.
  5. Warrens war on firearms

    Good data to throw out at libs, what's the source?
  6. Justice Kavanaugh

    This whole episode concocted by Feinstein is despicable. The very last thing it'll do is lend credibility to the MeToo crowd, it's so obviously contrived to get in the way of Trump. What they're doing with the accuser, in pursuit of their own political retribution, is shameful. This stunt is...
  7. AR-15 build

    Pardon the lack of formatting ... Barrel Green Mountain 16", 1:8 Barrel. GM-M4 $ 129.55 Bolt Carrier Group Spikes Tactical Spikes Tactical BCG $ 120.00 Lower Parts Kit Stag LPK $ 82.00 Trigger Guard Magpul Trigger Guard FDE $ 8.99 Pistol Grip Magpul MOE Grip FDE $...
  8. AR-15 build

    Finished it a year ago, finally shot it! Works fine, put 200 rounds thru it. One of the pre-ban mags was a little trouble with F2F. All the other 5 worked seemlessly. Got the Marlin 336 out, the Mossy 500, and the new SW 1911. Good day at the range (TRGC) with my sons and and one of ther...
  9. Cape Gun Works & Baystate Firearms File Suit v Healey

    So it helped for a month, is that not better than not helping at all?
  10. More police protecting and serving

    Three cops, one subject. That's a terrible way to address the situation. At least one of them could've gotten behind the subject in that small space (i practice 3 on 1 all the time), rear naked choke. It isn't hard to learn, results in unconsciousness quite quickly, and is safe if it's...
  11. Kavanaugh -not convinced gun registration & regulation r bad policy

    Policy isn't law. As long as he interprets laws wrt the Constitution, and any regulation resulting from policy, i'm good.
  12. Innocent but still guilty.....

    Exactly. The first time i hired an attorney (other than house purchases) was for my divorce. Good guy, we got on the same page quickly. Even so, i did my homework, told him what i wanted, and reviewed everything (down to the most insignificant email) before engaging the opposition. He's the...
  13. Congressman Steve King warns that America is heading towards a second civil war

    An analogy: I'm having a dispute with my neighbor. He wants to, and has, put stuff on my property (front yard, quite visible, looks trashy) for absurd reasons, which are incredibly important, because that's what he wants. We talked once, no follow through. I removed the stuff. We talked...
  14. REVEALED: Cops Stood Down in Vegas Shooting

    I cringe every time I hear the pols call out and thank the 'First Responders'. I get that most of them are good and diligent folks, doing the job that they sought, were hired, and are paid to do. But some of them aren't.
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