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  1. Taxidermist Recommendations?

    Just seeing this, I was just watching a video about this buck on legendary whitetails. I can't believe this buck was stolen by the taxidermist and then missing for so long! What a story. View: View:
  2. Challenger shells - Where to buy in metro north

    Must have been a great guy ;) If you're going to shoot trap Saturday morning, I have a bunch of 1&1/8 oz, I'll bring you a few boxes you can try those out. I think I gave you 1oz. We have been having really good luck with the challengers. We are almost through 5k now and not a single issue.
  3. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    You're right. This is indeed the best practice......sorry Larry Potterfield.
  4. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    For anyone who is on the hunt for 9mm projectiles. I just ordered 3000 (6 boxes of 500) 147 gr from x-treme bullets and I spoke to a person on the phone who confirmed they have over 6k boxes (of 500) in stock. I have never shot them before so I can't speak to their quality but they seem to be...
  5. Blue Bullets

    I put an order in last week for 3k. We'll see how long it takes.
  6. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    Well if any of you component hoarding gun nuts ;) decides to hook a brother up in these trying times, I'm your guy! I can tell you this, after this wacko time is over I won't get caught without components again. Hate to think I might not be able to shoot because I am short on primers and I cant...
  7. Franklin Arsenal Wet Tumbler ?

    Drying brass is above. Caution, I have read other places to NOT get the brass too hot. Certainly don't want to aniel it or change the structural integrity. I use the frankfort magnet as seen in the top left of the above photo to seperate out the pins. It works REALLY well. As for depriming...
  8. Franklin Arsenal Wet Tumbler ?

    I have this tumbler. I use about 5lbs of SS pin media and a combination of dawn dish soap, armorall wash n wax, and a touch of lemishine. I usually tumble 1.5k 9mm cases for about 3-5 hours. After the tumbler I pull them out, rinse them off with Deionized water (key to not get spotted brass) and...
  9. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    There are gun broker auctions closing for 650 bucks for 5k primers right now. (originally posted by someone else in the classifieds)
  10. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    Thread renamed accordingly.....
  11. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    Wow thats amazing. I picked up one box about 20 min ago and was able to pay for it. I bet many other folks had the same product alert I did...
  12. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    FYI I just got a note that CCI small pistol primers are in stock at midway USA (it looks like as of right now this is true). limit 1 per customer, but given what I see these going for some places right now, figured I would put this here.
  13. Gun Club closure megathread

    OK. I usually am just a lurker on here but I have to say, what the hell man. These times are tough for everyone and I feel like Dan and the board did a fine job to get the club open as best as they can and as fast as they can. Dont forget that it is important for a club to maintain a healthy...
  14. First run in new reloading setup

    When I run by 3.2gr Titegroup/147gr RN through my STI or my p320 X5 there is almost no recoil and they always come out to about 930fps. Usually I load to 1.150 COL with Berrys. You can shoot really fast and still stay on target with a well sprung gun and light loads. Although they probably arnt...
  15. First run in new reloading setup

    That seems pretty hot to me? I reload 147gr RN and 3.2gr of titegroup and always make 125 Powerfactor. How fast are your rounds going? Must be cookin... Ever any signs of over pressure?
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