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  1. Over a month and a half on waiting list to schedule interview in MA, still waiting

    Sounds to me like they have a long list of excuses to drag this out till you give up. I would make an appointment with the CoP and ask why?
  2. looking for quality kitchen knive sets

    Just my opinion, buy a great sharpener which doesn't have to cost $20 and you can keep almost any knife sharp. If you buy exceptional craftsmanship it won't need much sharpening at all but no one but yourself will respect it or treat it properly so it will get abused and dull and then not worth...
  3. Deals and steals

    I have one, Warrior, charges from the USB in my dash. Pricey to me even on sale but an unbelievable amount of light for any size. I ordered a different one for the house and it has two minis for free w/it. I have only used guest, even last night.
  4. Deals and steals

    Olight has some deals right now Olight Black Friday 2019! Up To 45% OFF! Get your FREE i3E!
  5. Who's the Best chevy truck dealership? Negotiations/service. Near central MA

    I have bought 4-5 3500hd from Kevin Flaherty of Moore GMC in Danvers formerly from Mirak in Arlington. I live on the RI border, neither place are remotely close to me. If you want a no BS honest negotiation with best price fast call him. I stopped shopping for a dealer and just call Kevin, he is...
  6. Wolves released into Massachusetts?

    It's on Faceplant who cares
  7. New Windows

    I recently retired active carpentry, but here's some food for thought. Andersen's have string balances and the sashes are a pain in the ass to remove/reinstall. They also don't have a "sill", it's a picture frame window and is is difficult to truly water proof install w/trim. Andersen also...
  8. New electrical panel question - how best to attach

    Hang 2x4's from floor joist above, properly done you know it won't fail. Done this dozens of times. 3' space is to small for code.
  9. Is this tree dying?

    Black Walnut would be my guess too. What do the bark and leaves look like?
  10. Anyone use BJ's or Costco Tire Center?

    Call Crothers Tire in Northbridge, won't beat their price or service. 508 234 9442 Tom Jr.
  11. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    I had wars with these kind of trees for years, finally tried the method above. Cut off tree, paint cut/top of stump with straight roundup. Works 100%.
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