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  1. WTS Thompson Center Pro Hunter FX .50 Cal Muzzle Loader new unfired

    I have a brand new TC Pro Hunter FX in 50 CAL. The gun is new and unfired. Stainless model with camo stock. No original box but have original documents etc. Looking to get $500 PM for more info. All laws will be followed. Cash FTF I am in Northern Western MA but travel for work so other...
  2. 10 mm loading

    I learned loading 10mm and have loaded many calibers since. 10mm is no harder to reload than any other straight wall handgun cartridge. If you are running HOT HOT loads I strongly recommend once fired or new cases, especially if you have a factory barrel. An aftermarket storm lake or KKM...
  3. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    Well I found this...seems to suffice that this was not in fact illegal? Sec. 29-34. False statement or information in connection with sale or transfer of pistol or revolver prohibited. Sale or transfer to person under twenty-one years of age prohibited. Temporary transfers. Penalties. (a) No...
  4. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    It was Hartford County and just the local PD. They said we should call before shooting in the future which seems to be a reasonable request. My only concern was the legality of shooting with my buddies on private property and them defining it as "illegal possession."
  5. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    We were honestly way off the beaten path. His range is somewhere in the middle of the property st least a quarter to half mile from nearest house. We weren't shooting any cannons either .22, 9mm, .40. Clearly he has a neighbor who just wants to be a PITA. His family has owned the land for...
  6. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    Yeah well I put about as much faith in them as I do internet advice.
  7. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    I have no doubts the guy was being a dick I'm just curious if it is factually illegal for me to shoot on private property in CT without a valid Non-Res permit. Honestly we have done this sort of thing for years, I hunt this property quite heavily and have for ages. I have even brought my...
  8. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    Haha...actually he does have a backhoe and quite a large one at that. He also has a small farm, a small law firm, and was a district attorney for some time. I guess owning a backhoe prohibits you from target practicing now lol.
  9. Illegal posession of firearm in CT....long story

    Hi guys question if anyone here can answer it regarding CT gun laws. Over the past weekend I traveled down to CT to go shooting with some buddies on their private land. I am a MA resident but did not bring any firearms, I have a CT non-resident CCW permit that has expired but I put a...
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