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  1. Zero Hour Arms - moving on...

    So Oleg bailed on some customers eh? Maybe the new zero was not so much better than the old zero...
  2. Gun Industry / Gun shop discussion megathread

    $35 for the first transfer and $15 for additional transfers on the same 4473 is typical here.
  3. Gun Industry / Gun shop discussion megathread

    9 PM? That would be a great idea but it helps that you apparently lived in the same building.
  4. Gun Industry / Gun shop discussion megathread

    Down here in Texas many shops are closed on Sundays (some Monday as well) but Saturday is pretty much always a full workday. As for selling parts, most don't sell lower parts kits but they stock magpul butt stocks and the like. Transfer business is how a place can get people to come in and...
  5. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    Pure nonsense. They are racking up the bills against your friends range to drive him out of that endeavor. We are treated like second class citizens as long as we allow it. Kinds funny considering the overall situation...
  6. Zero Hour Arms - moving on...

    Gentlemen, let's do the right thing and take it to PMs for the personal stuff. Lots of people are interested in the fact that they closed and want the thread to continue. Thanks in advance.
  7. Zero Hour Arms - moving on...

    When did this store first open? I wish I had been able to make it in before it closed. Quite a loss for MA people.
  8. Zero Hour Arms

    Removing the stain of Jimmy Sheppard is going to take some time. He ripped off a good friend since he began running Gartman and I am sure there are many people with a bitter experience courtesy of that gentleman.
  9. Zero Hour Arms

    No longer having Sheppard and Co changes the game. I'd give them a shot if I were anywhere near the place.
  10. Zero Hour Arms

    Just called them today (haven't done so for a while now) and learned that Sheppard is no longer there. Anyone know when they changed ownership and how the store is compared to it under his ownership? Thanks!
  11. WTS Norinco 84S $1050 OBO

    Price drop to $950.
  12. WTS Pre-Ban MAK-91

    Price drop to $950.
  13. WTS Pre-Ban Norinco BWK-92 $800

    Price drop to $750 including shipping from San Antonio, TX.
  14. WTS Pre-Ban MAK-91

    Rifle is in good condition and comes with two pre-ban 30-round steel magazines and the bipod. $1000 USPS MO. Must be shipped to an FFL. Contact me with questions or trade proposals. Thanks!
  15. WTS Pre-Ban Norinco BWK-92 $800

    Pre-ban and in great condition, this 223/556 AK was originally a Norinco 84S before the 1989 ban forced its conversion to the BWK-92. Still has the same great Chinese build quality and comes with the manual and one 30-round factory magazine. These generally run upwards of $75-100 on Gun Broker...
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