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  1. Glock 43 Polymer 80 in MA

    All the different answers you read online are the same different answers you’re going to read on a forum. The advice here is worth what you paid for it, and none of these opinions will keep you out of jail if they’re wrong. I would read the relevant MGL on recording transactions, if unclear...
  2. Guide To Gun Rights in your MA Town - 2020 + Edition

    Can you share what town this is?
  3. Big shot NYC attorney sues for LTC

    Wonder if there have been any updates. This article is from March of this year.
  4. 2 teens in MA arrested after allegedly damaging 54 cars/businesses using air pellet gun

    For the school-specific language, or in general? Because at least from my reading, no other firearms laws or restrictions apply to air guns.
  5. 2 teens in MA arrested after allegedly damaging 54 cars/businesses using air pellet gun

    They were both charged with “Carrying a Firearm on School Grounds“. Pellet guns are firearms? Since?
  6. References MA Application

    What town? If they issue a lot of restricted licenses, it may help. If they issue all unrestricted, then probably doesn’t matter.
  7. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    MFS isn’t bad, especially being open to the public. I’ve brought a few new shooters there and I enjoyed it. The shotgun the lane over isn’t ideal, or the guy mag dumping, but it’s open to the public and doesn’t charge hourly. I don’t mind going, but am looking to join a club with nice outdoor...
  8. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    Depends. Assuming you mean on a semi auto where a threaded barrel is going to be the 2nd evil feature which puts you over the limit? (iv) a flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor MA doesn’t care if it’s 16” or 20”, the muzzle device needs to be...
  9. Moving Towns - Procedure to Lift Restriction?

    Issuing PD owns the license until expiration. The only way to remove restrictions is for the issuing PD to expire it and reissue without restrictions. Doesn’t sound like Cambridge wants to do this for you. Brookline doesn’t own the license until you renew, and you won’t get an unrestricted...
  10. Waiting time?

    Nope, you were right and looks like there actually are 3 total. I found two and you found a third 😅
  11. Waiting time?

    Oh, I didn’t realize there was a third one too 😬
  12. How soon can one apply for LTC

    Agreed with this too. The application asks for your current age (not just DOB) so I wouldn’t be surprised if putting a value less than 21 limits the system to only approving an FID.
  13. Waiting time?

    Welcome! Oddly, there are two sites that show status and only one seems to be accurate. This one is correct: https://www.mass.gov/how-to/apply-for-or-renew-a-firearms-license Now printing those submitted 7/12-7/25 This one is incorrect (it hasn’t been updated in months)...
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