Maj. Boom Boom

just started shooting last year & on my 1st deer hunt got a 4 pointer.

Hunting, Fishing, Watching sports, Sci Fi and of course Guns


Being Green = Access to

Group Buys:
2ND A. Trip To DC 4/19/10, Lottery, Liotec Flashlight, Tannerite. Woodman's Pal, Bravo Company AR Upper (Cerro Forge), Delaware Machinery Lower, Timberwolf LPK, WOA SDM Barrel, NES Patches, Ammo Cans, 2010 Belt, Uplula, Galati Cases, GOAL Banquet, Crossbreed Holsters

Member Shoots:
gunpowder Pig 1 & 2, Pumpkin Shoot, Fragging Frosty, TVI Car Shoot
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