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  1. Adopting 2 more dogs, I'm out of my mind!!

    You're not out of your mind - sound like a good person. I love pups and would have a herd of them if I had the space. Just couple here now but my daughters are on me constantly to get more (rescues). I'll probably crack soon and give in.
  2. Info on Hanson rod n gun

    And FWIW - I live a mile from my local town range (which is well regarded) but still choose to drive a half hour to go to Hanson anytime I want to shoot. Nice facility, meetings with nice people and usually not too busy.
  3. Info on Hanson rod n gun

    Unless something has changed recently... FMJ is not a problem indoors at Hanson.
  4. Significant others objections to firearms

    I admit to having a little chuckle as I am very familiar with Mrs. Moto [laugh] and that's as far as I'm going with that as she's no joke. I told my wife way back I would be getting an LTC and acquiring firearms legally for protection and sport. She was not too cool with it and made her...
  5. [VIDEO] "Salvadorian immigrants firing AR-15 Rifle in Boston backyard"

    I would bet my left nut that video is not in Boston or any of it's suburbs. Probably not in Massachusetts either and even though the kids are speaking english there's a good chance it may not even be from the USA. I won't even bother getting into how off the audio is because I agree there's no...
  6. Guns aren't only AR or AK

    I'm sorry. You cannot start a thread dissing AR's and AK's saying you prefer guns with 'character'. Then criticize people who assemble them with different parts and in different configurations for not being actual 'builders'. All while using 'SS350' in your username?!?!? The small block chevy...
  7. Land Survey = multiple discoveries about encroachment

    Correct, the original subdivision plans are all filed at the registry of deeds in the county where the property lies. They do not show house foot prints or driveways though.
  8. Land Survey = multiple discoveries about encroachment

    This type of thing happens all the time in Mass. If it is a basic driveway access issue (which it sounds like) the easiest remedy is an easement (drafted and agreed upon by both parties) for use of the land the that driveway encroaches upon. It can me monetary or non-monetary - that's up to the...
  9. Some Advice Wanted from You Wood Workers Out There

    Actually it's pretty tough to recommend something in this situation without knowing a few things.... what does he have already? What type of space is he set-up in and what does he plan to build primarily? I am a woodworker that builds furniture and stringed instruments. In my experience a good...
  10. Family in Marshfield may face hunter interference charges.

    Privately owned land with rights granted for public use
  11. Self defense sense... you are carrying and...

    There are LOTS of really good books on this subject.... It has been debated, hyper-analyzed, then debated some more ad-nauseam. If your rational on pulling your weapon involves how much money could possibly be in the drawer at the convenience store being held up? Or what are the odds of a clerk...
  12. Stupid biach

    I've hit a lot worse looking ones than that, count me in.[cheers]
  13. Subtle concealed carry?

    LOL - No I be someone else [smile]
  14. Subtle concealed carry?

    knee high boots, sheer skirt and printing like that through a bag while facing me on a train is screaming "I like to party"
  15. marty walsh gun sign boston

    Now it's the first thing I see every time I step out of my office during the day. Friggin wonderful. [angry]
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