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  1. Any Ranges closer (to Lynnfield MA) than Manchester NH that rent/let you shoot their guns?

    The best thing about Granite State Is they rent by caliber. So if you are looking at 9mm carry options, you can shoot their whole inventory of 9mm firearms for the price of one rental.
  2. New to NES

  3. Green Meadow Golf Course (Hudson, NH), will be turned into "one of the largest logistics facility campuses in the state"

    Good riddance. I stopped playing there many years ago. The Starters and Marshall’s are a bunch of a**h***s.
  4. Who's shooting, who's not shooting???

    I’m shooting 1-2 times a week. I believe at the same club ScottS is shooting at. 👍
  5. 4473: Alternative Proof of Residency - NH

    If you’ve lived in NH your entire life, why can’t you use your DL with the old address?
  6. Deals and steals

    I was afraid of that. Has anyone received them?
  7. Deals and steals

    Did anyone order these masks from Wyze? Are they good quality?
  8. riley's in hooksett

    Rileys closed back in November....
  9. Locations with Ammo?

    Federal 9mm $9/box listed today on Armslist from Vizards in NH. They ship to MA too.
  10. Hand Sanitizer

    True if you can find it anywhere......
  11. Hand Sanitizer

    No worries. Check with your local distilleries as most are making hand sanitizer and giving it away for free. Bring your own bottle, 8 ouncesor less and they will fill it up. I oblige them by buying a bottle of their product as they wouldn’t take a donation. Cheers.
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