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  1. Ruger Precision .22lr

    I dont think geen tag is worth looking for. Tenex and lapua and even the higher end SK lines will most likely be better. The 30 moa base is not to terrible for the 22lr . Depends on your “scope” zeros and if you want as much elevation as possible. That arken has a decent amount of...
  2. Ruger Precision .22lr

    Theres a “basic” come up chart in this article ….should get you close enough to dial in. MOA and Adjustment Required for Shooting 22LR Long Range | The Hunting Gear Guy
  3. Tumbling or ultra sonic for cleaning?

    Im going to say Depends on your level of clean you want . I am a bit lazy. I like to dump cases in the media (dry) tumbler run it for a a bit while I do other things. Come back dump it through the sifter and be done. I need clean enough to go through dies and maybe to remove lube...
  4. Acceptable Bullet Weight Variance for Long Range Competition?

    I shoot iron sighted rifles better than my 1903a4 clone! Anyway…. Sort”em and shut up and shoot! Good luck up there!
  5. Butt stocks for boltgun - * DMR * F-CLASS* PMR * - SAVAGE 10BA

    I like to get low and snug , full weight of my knoggin on the comb. Do what feels comfortable Personally I would hang a 10 or 20 1” dot target and shoot 1 shot at each Dot . See if your impacts are consistent. If your still only drifting Vertical Work on trigger,breathing , set up are you...
  6. Acceptable Bullet Weight Variance for Long Range Competition?

    I ran it through a basic balistic calculator 2400fps BC .535 300 yard zero , 1.5” sight hieght 174.175.176 all spit back -81.53” drop At 600? been a few years since I shot to 600 and only been 223 service rifle and I was powder measure dropping 24 gn Varget with nosler 77s to mag...
  7. Acceptable Bullet Weight Variance for Long Range Competition?

    Eh , you know me .5 grain swing in a bullet at 600 piff. My booger hook will deviate more! I think # 1 its already in your head and you would expect Sierra match to hold a tighter degree of variation especially at the cost. So using those is already a “problem” Like you said even less...
  8. Ruger Precision .22lr

    50 to 100 yards with out knowing velocity Or scope hieght your looking at aprox 6 min hold over. Or With a 50 yard zero impacts at 100 will be 6-7” low
  9. Ruger Precision .22lr

    If $2600 gets you faphappy tou might not even get your pants undone before your done with this https://www.pardiniguns.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=68&products_id=998&osCsid=a2fujve49s6r545e1ac9vi9au7
  10. Ruger Precision .22lr

    Nice! Distance and ammo?
  11. Women Are Nearly Half of New Gun Buyers, Study Finds

    Doubt it I have seen many many many new member groups go through for range orientation Still see the same 10-12%
  12. Got my order in at cmp for the 9mm

    Seems how cmp rolls, get the loading dock packed full. Then load up several trucks at once
  13. Butt stocks for boltgun - * DMR * F-CLASS* PMR * - SAVAGE 10BA

    My guess is the Vertical String is all you. Both groups are pretty much 1” off to the right of your aim. My thinking is “stock” fit to the rifle will cause inconsistencies all over .
  14. Butt stocks for boltgun - * DMR * F-CLASS* PMR * - SAVAGE 10BA

    Is it me or is that scope really high? What is it you dont like about current stock? The rear little mono dildo seems silly to me , I think you will get more use and flexibility from a rear bag. Maybe put more money into a better bipod. All this with keeping with in any...
  15. rookie recommendations?

    The good thing about taking the class from EC is all those questions tou forgot to ask at the class you can ask him here!
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