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  1. AR 15

    If you really want accuracy without getting into insane prices i'll second the WOA and add in rock creek to the convo. Noveske is a solid option too. You're wondering what you'd be missing with the DD upper.. it's really relative. The major thing would be some accuracy obviously. Wealths of...
  2. AR Mega Thread

    piston is only really useful if you're running suppressed or you don't like the aggressive nature of an SBR IMO. Regardless, owning both, my go-to firearm is a POF AR-10.. piston.. beats the hell out of my Noveske n4 anyday. Would like to compare it to an n6 sometime but don't know anyone with one.
  3. Best Way to "Upgrade" a Colt AR-15 A2 Sporter II

    only thing you'd really need to do to make it an m4 is make it full auto if it's a 16" variant. to make an ar-15 clone.. if you live in a ban state and it's preban you'll probably need a flat top upper receiver first and foremost. A Knight's M4 RAS to replace your hand guards will give...
  4. AR-15 Bump-fire stock.

    goddamn the batfe.. lol
  5. AR-15 Bump-fire stock.

    BATF Approved: http://slidefiresolutions.com/BATFE-Slide-Stock-Review-Le.jpg BATF states: ..."The stock has no automatically functioning mechanical parts or springs and performs no automatic mechanical function when installed..."
  6. AR-15 Bump-fire stock.

    not sure you could pin it.. almost want to say def not.. 320$ from their website for it, high but not terrible. i would normally just get it but man I need to stop wasting money on AR accessories/mods. someone buy it and post reviews :)
  7. Cant find Glock 21 preban mags in MA

    These come in droves then dry up for long periods it seems. Just be patient and they'll show up for a reasonable price eventually. I was lucky enough to get some full metal lined pre-ban g21 mags from one of the dealers on this forum for 35$ each IIRC. I'd been looking for months then all of a...
  8. IDPA Light

    might be worth checking out ebay for this -- i managed to score a NiB SF Scout M600C a few weeks back for just over 200$ shipped. I was worried it was going to be a knockoff but it's legit. Not sure how the seller was able to sell it so cheap ... probably don't want to know.
  9. Four Season`s/G22

    That's a great price in general. Know if it's factory refurb or 3rd party?
  10. For Citizens who carry daily - Carry Extra Mags or a Rifle/ammo in your vehicle?

    Reps for this. I honestly never really thought about it, but you're right. I'll make it a priority to get a top notch holster that can hold up to my demands. Just being such a rifle guy and not caring about handguns much I've really slacked in the department and honestly neglected to put thought...
  11. For Citizens who carry daily - Carry Extra Mags or a Rifle/ammo in your vehicle?

    I'll be the first to admit I'm a younger guy and sure I'm not perfect and I'm admittedly fairly new to firearms. This is just what I'm doing, and I have my reasons for doing it. I apologize that I've not gotten a new Holster as I'm not perfect. Thanks to the guys who have advice for me and know...
  12. For Citizens who carry daily - Carry Extra Mags or a Rifle/ammo in your vehicle?

    No +1 due to the lack of a reliable safety on the g21. I'm very athletic and do a lot outdoors activities / rock climbing, ice climbing etc.. I've had more than a few occasions where the firearm gets banged up and the trigger is pulled back when I get home despite the trigger safety. So...
  13. .50 AE Desert Eagle

    Ah alright -- follows standard rules that it has to have been in a pistol configuration prior to the 94 AWB then. That makes sense -- Thanks!
  14. For Citizens who carry daily - Carry Extra Mags or a Rifle/ammo in your vehicle?

    I'm not looking for a debate or your personal opinion. You're also taking some of what I said out of the intended context. Bottom line: You don't know my story/history so don't judge or presume and tell me that my carrying of a firearm is worthless. When I said I never intended to use it I...
  15. For Citizens who carry daily - Carry Extra Mags or a Rifle/ammo in your vehicle?

    Do you carry extra mags on you? Keep a rifle/shotgun locked in your trunk or anything? I personally just carry my sidearm with no extra mags. I don't ever hope to have to use my carry, but I'm curious as to the results of the poll. Edited to keep the poll and topic on-track. Thanks...
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