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  1. WTS Kahr K40, Nickel w/ laser or trade

  2. Memphis Post Office shooting

    All the stupid internal rules and regulations that one is subjected to is enough to put a person over the edge even after a minimal amount of time. Add incompetent robotic management, postmasters and above, that harass you over the smallest thing day in and day out, and unfortunately over time...
  3. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Since when does anybody on this site start off low? There are a very few that list something for a fair price in the beginning, like a very rare G19 Gen 5 for a $1000, but never low! It's just not the NES way!
  4. Price check question.

    The price that you paid for it, if she is a true friend. That's what I've done in the past. Plus, I'm sure you are going to get to shoot it too!
  5. More police protecting and serving

    He still volunteered to much info. and my sequence of events were off when typing or not explained well enough, sorry.
  6. More police protecting and serving

    I'm serious
  7. More police protecting and serving

    Was his first mistake telling the Sheriff he was armed when he didn't legally have to and he already knew it? It seems this caused things to escalate unnecessarily. He could have just further explained he was not trespassing and been on his way, He volunteered to much information that was...
  8. UPDATE, gun found: Natick police search for gun believed to be lost near elementary school

    A few trips to the range with your kids really ties in all the knowledge and rules that you have preached to them about gun safety. A firearm becomes just another possession of Mom or Dad's that you are not allowed to touch unless you are given permission to, like chef's knives, wine, wallet /...
  9. More police protecting and serving

    During a medical emergency / MVA , isn't the FD in charge of the scene until the medical emergency is over? Aren't the police there to direct traffic, gather some evidence, and once all victims have been cleared from the scene, the police then start their full investigation as to how the...
  10. Fall River man arrested on firearm, drug trafficking, and receiving stolen property charges

    Definitely looks like someone a daughter would be proud to bring home to meet Mom and Dad! He's really going places in life!
  11. Mass vs Maine gun laws

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