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  1. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Not questioning your ability but were you trained by the military, martial arts, or a company like Simon Property Group, L.P.? Having never been in the military (standard training, special forces etc.), I'm going to guess either military or martial arts training!
  2. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    The trooper probably already knew you had a LTC before he exited his coffin / cruiser from the onboard computer. You are lucky that you didn't get a pistol pointed in your face, regardless of stating whether or not you had a LTC, once you admitted you had a pistol on your side in this state.
  3. She asked for it…so she got it

    I think being punched in the face is better than having your face sliced! And no, I'm not interested on trying either one to see which is worse!
  4. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    At my club, local and non local agencies, would practice with new recruits. Hunters were trespassing on club land and rounds went into the houses, narrowly missing a Grandmother in front of her kitchen window. It took the police six months of shutting down ALL ranges, to finally figure this...
  5. Boston globe Mill article

    Spotted salamander! Those pesky critters and their vernal pools have shut down the T from bringing back the South line that used to run through Easton on Rte. 138 for years now!
  6. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    I don't want to be bothered after legally purchasing my items and I don't want to stay in there any longer than I have to. I always politely refuse.
  7. Do you still have your first gun?

    No, bought two different pistols at the same time and six months to a year later, sold them. One was an impulse buy and the other I was salesweaseled into buying. I had no clue on what to buy back then, no real guidance, until a few months after I made the purchases. I couldn't pass up the...
  8. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    It was safe because Randolph hadn't been fully discovered yet and the Dedham Mall was still the place of choice. The Dedham Mall was known at one point as the place most likely to have your car stolen and recovered in Roxbury, Murderpan, or Doh-chester! So, how is that going to stop a crew of...
  9. More police protecting and serving

    I had a male cop relative that would cringe when a female cop responded to a bar fight in progress. He always said that he had two potential victims that he would have to protect by himself.
  10. 3 different shootings in less than 1 hour in Boston

    Do you notice how none are upset about job losses? And they still........WONDER WHY! Maybe Mayor Ya - wu and the incompetent GM of the T that is bailing, should institute more free bus service for the unfortunate to get around town now. After all, the problem didn't start with Mother's and...
  11. 3 different shootings in less than 1 hour in Boston

    Like Racial Rollins's mandate of not arresting children under 12 for crimes? And not arresting shoplifters, but give them a citation instead that they'll never pay? When asked why they shouldn't be arrested, the response was similar to, "Shop owners should consider shoplifting part of the cost...
  12. 3 different shootings in less than 1 hour in Boston

    Today / tonight a local news reporter asked the Commish about bringing in some help. He doesn't think the level of shootings and crime is critical enough to call in MSP or even the National Guard just yet. I guess losing a few Baby Daddy's every week or weekend is OK with him!
  13. How much "gun" do you EDC?

    Was he a passenger too?
  14. Boston globe Mill article

    Mike was a great guy to do business with and you are right, he is missed! He didn't give a damn about anything. Unfortunately, it cost him his business, but not before he distributed thousands of toys to all us good girls and boys! Each time I went in there, I always saw stacks of toys on the...
  15. Fishing in Boston?

    Catfish, sunfish, carp, snappers, and eel are in the Charles. As a kid, I would sell the carp to the local Chinese food restaurant. I'd catch tires, milk crates, shopping carts, etc., too! HELL NO! That river has been polluted going back to the 60's. Before that, you could swim in it and...
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