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  1. Daughter wants a Gun

    This could be both good and UGLY! [rofl]
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  3. Called out for not wearing a mask

    1. Facemasks DO work when they are worn correctly, adjusted properly from the edges, disposed of properly, and are real medical/surgical quality. I never contracted pneumonia, influenza, meningitis, mumps, pertussis, strep, tuberculosis, or any other droplet / airborne contagious viral or...
  4. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    When is the post title case result going to get leaked or do we have to wait and wait?
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  6. Madison Cawthorn Stopped by Police from Taking Gun on Flight

    He was also widely criticized for claiming that he had been invited to “orgies” in Washington, D.C. and that he had witnessed cocaine use by his Congressional colleagues. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) said that he had “lost his trust” in Cawthorn after the orgies and cocaine...
  7. Beretta Slide Markings Question

    Could have been left blank for the issuing police department to be engraved on it?
  8. The end of the Brockton Fair

    It was probably my second year going, 1983?. We all hung out across the street behind Sears, which was the town's unofficial party spot. Towards the end of the Fair, the younger girls that were trashed beyond repair, were getting sexually assaulted and raped by the Randolph and beyond platoons...
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  10. The end of the Brockton Fair IMO, It started going downhill fast in the mid 80's when the Randolph / Murderpan troops started arriving!
  11. Old Gartman Arms Company Ad in a Sept 1956 NRA American Rifleman magazine.

    Benko used to buzz my house with his American Flag paraglider every summer before the sun went down.
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  13. More police protecting and serving

    His Ohh-thority wasn't recognized or accepted? I'd be interested in finding out the criminal record, if any, of the guy who was driving the car with attached plates. There definitely is more to the story that will only come out in court, after the riots are over!
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